What will you get through prayer? (Post No.10,564)

Post No. 10,564
Date uploaded in London – – 15 JANUARY 2022

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What will you get through prayer?
Santanam Nagarajan

By prayer you can get anything you want!
There are sixteen valuable possessions one should obtain in this human birth.
These sixteen type of wealth are as follows :
1) Name and fame
2) Good education
3) Courage
4) Success in all aspects
5) Progeny
6) Bravery
7) Wealth
8) Abundance of food
9) Good Fortune in all spheres
10) Enjoyments in life
11) Wisdom
12) Beauty
13) Honors from time to time
14) Doing all the good things prescribed in the scriptures
15) A very good family lineage and
16) A full span of life with super health.
One will get all these sixteen riches by praying single mindedly to God.
A great saint by name Abirami Bhattar prays to the Goddess Abirami to bestow the following riches to him:
The good education that goes for ever till the end of life
Full span of life with health
Friendship that will never deceit
Undiminishing wealth
Active youthfulness
A body without any disease
7) An ever active mind without any boredom
8) An ever loving wife
9) Children who will lead a righteous path always
10) Ever growing never diminishing fame
11) Keeping the words once uttered
12) Charity which has no obstacles
13) Wealth that will be never stolen or lost
14) Living under a rightful just government
5) Life without any sufferings and
16) A mind that will always dwell at the feet of great Goddess Abirami
He also ascertains those who worship Goddess Abirami will get all the above good riches.
To a devotee worshipping Her, She grants many boons.
She gives wealth, wisdom, never enfeebled mind, a body having a divine design, relatives and friends who will never do harm and all goodness one many think of.
The great saint Vallalar of Vadalur, Tamilnadu prays to God Muruga and put forth his demands which forms a long list.
He wants:
A very good company of great souls who will always think with single minded devotion at the lotus feet of God,
not mingling with those fellows who thinks one thing and speak a different thing,
always should speak the glories of your greatness,
never to speak falsehoods,
should lead a path of salvation,
should not be at the grips of arrogance,
should forget the desire to embrace the woman,
should never forget the Lord,
should have good intelligence,
should have abundant compassion of the Lord,
should live without any disease.
Here the very first desire of Saint Vallalar demands a good company of great sould.
Sankaracharya the great saint who established six divisions in Hindu path, in his great work titled ‘Bhaja Govindam’ declares that through the company of good one will get non-attachment.
And by getting non-attachment, one will get freedom from from delusions.
Freedom from delusion will lead to immutable reality.
Once the reality is obtained there comes the state of liberation.
So by a simple concentrated prayer one will get all the sixteen riches on this earth and will get liberation also at the end from the cycle of birth and death.
What is Prayer?
Prayer is the way to get in touch with the one and only great source with one pointed unwavering mind .
It requires no money, ranks, specific gender, age, caste, creed, specific nationality and language. It is as simple as that!
Pray and be one with God! Good Luck!

By prayer one could get sixteen riches, Prayer requires no money, ranks, age, caste etc.

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Can Prayer Bend the Time? (Post No.10,549)

Post No. 10,549
Date uploaded in London – – 11 JANUARY 2022

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Can Prayer Bend the Time?

Santhanam Nagarajan

Prayer is powerful. It brings peace, solutions to the problems and what not?
Miracles do happen by praying!

Take for instance a small incident. A beautiful girl was to return home in the late night after attending a party. She has to go a long way. When she arrives at the bus stand at a stranded place she was bewildered by the silence of the night and the darkness that surrounds the area.

While she is waiting for the bus four or five rowdies are coming towards her. On seeing them the girls starts praying. If some powerful force does not come for help, she will definitely be disturbed to unimaginable heights.

At that exact moment a bus comes and stops at the bus stand. The conductor says that there is only one seat and the bus go to the exact place where the girl wants to go.

The prayer is answered says her parents on hearing her story. She also feels the same way. God has granted her prayer.

But the septics will say that there is no effect because of the prayer and the incident may be called as a mere coincidence.

But Scientists now are coming to the conclusion that the effect of prayer can be seen by many authentic researches.

Leonard Leibocici has published an intriguing study in 2001. It addressed the hypothesis that retroactive prayer for a group of septic patients could affect clinical outcomes, when the prayer was offered four to ten years after the development of the clinical problems.

It was found that the patients were cured unbelievably. The prayer can bend the time and may bring positive results.

In all the religions the importance of prayer is being emaphasised. In Mahabharata, the great Indian Epic, Kunti devi wants many troubles on her way so that she could always remember and Pray to Lord Krishna.

Krishna declares, “ I am the Time”.

When Richard Feynman, the famous Nobel physicist was asked, “What is time?” he replied, “What is time? We physicists work with it every day, but don’t ask me what it is. It is just too difficult to think about.”
True, Nobody could define time.

The famous physicist Paul Davies once said, “ Notions such as ‘the past’, ‘the present’ and ‘the future’ seem to be more linguistic than physical”.

The general idea is that the past influences the present. But modern physics has shown that the time is linked with space. So if by due prayer it may be possible to bend the time. The past may be altered, modified, changed to suit the present situation for one who prays!

The Hindu Puranas reveals the mystery of time through various stories. And we come to know very many instances from the history. The great saint Thirugnana Sambandar has brought back Poombavai from her bones. Another great saint Sundarar brought back a boy who was taken away by a crocodile a few years back.

Arthur Eddington correctly said, “ Something unknown is doing what we don’t know what”.

If we say, God is a mystery, in the same way we may add the power of prayer is also a mystery. Let us always pray and get the benefits.


Key words
Prayer is powerful, it may bend time, it influences space and time

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