Eight Great Writers’ Views on the Role of a King (Post No.2688)


picture of great Hindu King Veera Sivaji

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Date: 2 April, 2016


Post No. 2688


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aswathi thirunal prince

King of kerala

1.Kautilya/ Chanakya

Harmlessness, truthfulness, purity, freedom from spite, abstinence from cruelty and forgiveness are duties common to us all.  Hence the king shall never allow the people to swerve from their Dharma; for whoever upholds his own duty even adhering to the customs of the cultured will surely be happy both here and hereafter.  For the world, when maintained in accordance with injunctions of the Vedas, will surely progress, but never perish.



How can the man who is unable to subdue his mind and senses master the world? The king should first provide discipline to himself, then to his sons and then to ministers, then to servants, then to the subjects.


3.Tiruvalluvar (Tamil Poet)

He is a lion among leaders who has these six: an army, subjects, wealth, ministers, allies and fortifications (Kural 381);courage, liberality, wisdom and zeal – these four qualities form royal features (Kural 382); the three things alertness, learning and bravery should never be wanting in the ruler of a country (Kural 383).



When creatures, being without a king, were through fear dispersed in all directions, the Lord created a king for the protection of this whole creation, the king who properly inflicts punishment prospers, but he who is voluptuous, partial and deceitful, will be destroyed, even through the unjust punishment which he inflicts. (Manu Smriti, seventh chapter)


Picture of King of Cochin


All creatures rest upon righteousness. All creatures grow in the growth of

Righteousness and decay with its decay. Righteousness is called dharma. The sages, O king, have declared that Dharma restrains and sets bounds to all evil acts of men.  The Lord created Dharma for the advancement and growth of creatures.


6.Mosikeeranar (Sangam Tamil Poet)

The life breath of this vast land is the king. Paddy is not life; water is not life. The king should know that he is the life of the world/people (Verse 186, Purananuru).



The king is like the lion; in hi are present both the good and evil propensities of the lord of the beasts. Kings are the centres where all the forces of society, otherwise loosely scattered about, are made to converge and from which they start and course through the body politic and animate society. But the king forgets that those forces are only stored with him so that he may increase and give them back.

விஷ்ணுவர்தன் ராஜா

Picture of Hoysala King Vishnuvardhan

8.Mahatma Gandhi

Government over self is the truest Swaraj; it is synonymous with Moksha or salvation. The first step to Swaraj lies in the individual. The great truth: As with the individual so with the universe, is applicable here as elsewhere.  A drowning man cannot save others. In order to fit to save others, we must try to save ourselves. The individual, being pure, sacrifices himself for the family, the latter for the village, the village for the district, the district for the province, the province for the nation, the nation for all.