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We looked at the first 12 mantras out of 25 found in the Rigvedic hymn RV 7-104. Now let us look at other 13 mantras in the hymn.

Here is a beautiful quotation in Mantra 13.

Never does God aid and guide the wicked.

Never does God help one who falsely claims Warrior title.

God slays who speaks untruly; they will be entangled in the noose of Indra.

(I have used God instead of Soma in the mantra)

Indus Valley Ghosts
Indus Valley Tiger Spirit

Mantra 14

I did not worship deities of falsehood; I had never had vain thoughts about God, O Agni!

Then why are you angry with us|? Destruction falls on those  who lie against you.

My comments

Note these curses are against liars and the wicked. It looks like there were some people who did not follow the Vedic truths, but worshipped other gods (It is similar to Moses talking about idolatry in the Bible)

Mantra 15

If I have done anything wrong let all my ten sons die. Someone called me a Yatudhana/demon. It is a lie.

My comments

The word Yaatu dhaana comes  in hundreds of verses in the Valmiki Ramayana. We find this word even in Aditya Hrudaya sloka of Agastya.

‘Ten sons’ is part of the decimal numbers they use very often in the Rig Veda. We see 100s and 1000s as well. Here we must read it as all my sons.

Mantra 16

Those who call me demon and claims that they are true must perish ;let Indra slay them


 Mantra 17

She too who wanders like an owl like at night time hiding her body in guile and malice,

May she fall downwards into endless caverns. Press stones with loud ring destroy the demons.

Max Muller wrongly says it is a hymn against Visvamitra. That is wrong. The hymn condemns both male and female Rakshasas. We even see Tadaka in Valmiki Ramayana.

Yaatudaana means Rakshasas, night walkers (Nisa saras) in Ramayana.

Mantra 18

This is a hymn addressed to all gods. This mantra is addressed to Maruts (God of Wind).

Maruts ! search and seek out Rakshasas and grind them to pieces. They transform themselves into birds and fly far away at night time. They spoil our worship.

My comments

Rakshasas are called as night birds and those who change their appearance now and then according to Ramayana. I think they wore masks showing themselves as birds or demons.  We see such mask dances in Bhutan (Bhuta Sthana)  and Sri Lanka, even in Kerala. They are more active in night. Where as the seers wake up before sunrise and go to bed after sunset.

Mantra 19

Hurl down from heaven your bolt of stone; sharpen it.

Smite down the demons with rocky weapon forward, behind and from above and under .

Demon Dogs

Mantra 20

Indra /Sakra makes his weapon sharp for the wicked. The demon dogs are bent on doing mischiefs.

Let Indra make use of his weapon against them.

Mantra 21

Here are two beautiful similes

These demons spoil the oblations of invokers.

Sakra / Indra splits them like a timber is split  with axe. He smashes them like earthen pots.

Owl , Dog again!! Cuckoo and Vulture

Mantra 22

Destroy the fiend shaped like owl or owlets

Destroy them in the form of dog and cuckoos.

Destroy him shaped like eagle or vulture ; Crush them

My comments

It is an interesting curse. We see different birds here such as Eagle, vulture, owl, cuckoo, and owlets. Probably the Rakshasas used such masks.

Egyptitian Bes

Mantra 23


Let not fiend of witchcraft workers reach us.

May Ushas drive away the couples of Kimiidins.

O Earth! Keep us safe from earthly woe and trouble.

From grief that comes from heaven and mid air.

This type of lines come in all the Kavasa (Shield) stotras.

Kimiidin is an interesting word; commentators say it is the name of a class of evil spirits. they go on saying “kim idaanim” or “What now?” It is a treacherous spirit and informer.

My comment

They act like your friends and gather information and pass it on to your enemies. We see such spies even today. Every government has spies.

Mantra 24

Slay the male demon, slay the female demon, Indra. They are good in arts of magic.

Let the fools’ gods with bent necks fall and perish. And let them not see Sun anymore.

My comments

Tamis do pray like this every day. In Kantha Sashti Kavasam, most famous Kavasam in Tamil on God Skanda/ Kartikeya mentions different classes of evil spirits and black magic. Devotees pray against all such evil spirits. Vinayaka Kavasam of Lord Ganesh mention one or two classes and  Hanuman Chalisa of Tulsidas ( Bhuta Picasa nikata nahim ave ) as well.

Mantra 25

Indra and Soma! Look around. Watch carefully. Cast your weapons against the fiends; hurl your weapons against sorcerers.

For those who are familiar with modern Kavasa Stotras in the name of many Hindu gods, see all these things. It is nothing new for them. On the contrary we see an amazing continuity from Rigveda days to modern day Kavasa stotras in Sanskrit and Tamil. When they mention ghouls, ghosts, spirits, goblins they mean the fear in one’s heart and the bad thoughts in one’s mind . Tamil poet Bharati clearly mentions fear as ghost and lies as snake .


The most famous Frog Song in the Rig Veda (RV 7-103) is also sung by the same seer Vasistha and that is just one hymn before this hymn. When we look at both the hymns we get a clearer picture. (Vedic Frog song and Greek Frog Song are already dealt with in this blog) .

—Subham —-

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