Madurai Temple Tunnel and Soma Plant of Vedas (Post No. 3844)

Written by London swaminathan

Date: 23 APRIL 2017

Time uploaded in London:- 19-35

Post No. 3844

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Sir myself xyz from Madurai. I m a B.E Graduate,

I m very MUCH interested in meenatchi amman temple .

I have a question; are there any hidden secret tunnels in meenatchi amman temple?


Yes. There is one TUNNEL connecting the temple and the Tirumalai Nayak Palace. Now they have blocked the entrance. In my childhood days they used to show it. Even now with the modern equipment we can easily find it. We need the temple authority’s permission to do it.

(I want to do carbon dating on the dried up Kadamba tree inside the temple as well. We need temple authority’s permission; this will help us to date the temple complex.)



Soma Plant


I read your “Confusion about Vedic Soma Plant” article.


So, do u have any conclusion that which is soma and where we will get it ????



Dear G……….. (replied on 19th April 2017)


IF it is available today, they would have marketed it today like thousands of alcoholic drinks.


IF the foreigners accounts are true, they would have sold 1000 s of bottles of those mushrooms and plants.


No one knows what it is. It is EXTINCT.


Even in the days of Vedas, it was very difficult to get it (That is what the Vedas say)


In the modern days, they used alternative plants instead of Soma plant in the Yanjnas (Fire Sacrifices).


In short, no one has identified it yet, because it is not there or somewhere in the Himalayas it is available, but no one knows where it is.

 (Foreign frauds wrote whatever that will get them publicity; if they have identified the SOMA PLANT, they would have first got the patent  for Soma Rasa, and then only they would have published the article; in short they are not scholars; frauds with ulterior motives)




Tantra Texts

Another reader wanted more information on Tantra texts and comments.


Dear D. P.


Thanks for reading my articles.


I did not write much about Tantra.

I have written two articles where I have mentioned Vamacharam (Tantra)


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Keep Reading.

I will write more about it soon.

Dated 30 March 2017



Human Sacrifice (Nara Bali)


Hello Swami


I am an anthropologist from Rome, my name is xyz, and i am very interested about traditional Indian rituals, as the:


Human Sacrifice (Nara Bali) in India 


Do you have more infos about it? or someone to contact for?


cheers and thank you for helping me


L………………………. April 1 2017


My Reply


Dear L………………….


Thanks for reading my blog.


So far I have written four articles in my blog.

I have published the same in Tamil and English.
Nothing more to add at the moment:

Following are my articles:

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100,000 Hindu Temples


My name is P. I am PhD student in Computer Science and enthusiast of Hindu Temples.


I am looking forward to creating an ambitious list of all temples in India as part of my research. I came across your blog titled ‘108,000 temples inn India’. I was curious to know how you arrived at this figure and other figures like 34,000 in Tamil nadu and 43,000 in Kerala. Any help and information will help my research greatly.
Thanks in advance,

Miss P.


Dear Miss P…………….


The lists are with the governments of the respective states. If you write to them they MAY provide you Or else you have to go to thousands of temple sites like mandirnet, templenet and gather all the details. It is a hard work. Someone has to do it. Every temple has got its own website.


Good Luck.



I am answering more questions; I will publish them separately.