Scientific Thinking for Success! (Post No.3757)

Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 26 March 2017


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Is there a way for thinking scientifically?

What are all the benefits one could get by way of this ‘Scientific Thinking’?

The great scholar Christian D Larson (1874-1954) has a written a beautiful book titiled ‘Thinking for Results’.


Let us get answers from him for some of the difficult questions that we have.


What is the Foundation of Scientific Thinking?

To think according to the laws of growth and to think for a definite purpose – this is the foundation of Scientific Thinking.


How we could attain Peace of Mind, quickly?

Peace of mind comes most quickly when we do not try to be peaceful, but simply permit ourselves to be normal. To relax mind and body at frequent intervals will also aid remarkably, but the most important of all is the attainment of the consciousness of peace.


We know very well that Peace of Mind is powerful and conserves energy. But how to get it quickly, Is there a special way?

There is an absolutely still centre in your own mind and you can become conscious of that centre by turning your attention gently and frequently upon the serene within. This should be done several times a day and no matter how peaceful we may feel we should daily seek a still finer realization of this consciousness of peace. The result will be more power because peace conserves energy.

We are moving with different people. Circumstances do not permit us to be in our ‘mental state of harmony’. How to cultivate the mental state of harmony?

The best way to cultivate the mental state of harmony is to adapt yourself consciously to everything and everybody that you meet. Never resist or antagonize anything nor hold yourself aloof from anybody. Wherever you are aim to look for the agreeable side of things and try to act with everything while in that attitude. After a while you will find it an easy matter to meet all things and all persons in their world and when you can do this you can unite with them in securing results that neither side could have secured alone.



If you follow the above simple methods, you are the king.

You will have peace of mind always.

You will always be in a mental state of harmony.

Everybody would love you because you are in their world with them, for them!







Miraculous Incidents due to Positive Emotions (Post No.3695)

Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 6 March 2017


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Miraculous Incidents Due to Positive Emotions From Day to Day Life and History


By S. Nagarajan

Human beings are driven by emotions. Emotion was defined by William James in 1884 as ‘a state of mind that manifests itself by sensible changes in the body’. There are positive emotions and there are negative emotions too.

John A. Schindler in his book, ‘How to Live 365 Days a Year’ says, ‘In any emotion, there are external manifestations- that is, changes one can see exhibited externally on the surface of the body.


Thus negative emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, discouragement, longing etc. induce illness. On the contrary positive emotions like love, joy, hope etc. cures many diseases.

We could read many news from newspapers which are unbelievable.

Here is one such event published in Times of India 4th March 2013 issue.


One Mr Dharmarajan, a 70 – year old Sri Lankan Tamilian, Vavuniya was bedridden due to a prolonged ailment. He has lost trace of his 55 – year old sister.

Thevathu Rukmini Devi was lost for the past 26 years. Suddenly one day he heard the news that his sister is alive. On hearing this news he simply jumped out of his bed and started walking.


When he had almost given up hope of ever meeting his sister, he heard the good news which acted as a tonic and the news acted as a booster shot of energy. His sister was living in Madurai, South India in a refugee camp for many years after escaping from Sri Lanka.



One positive emotion, true love cured his illness when doctors failed.

Such is the power of positive emotion.

Let us go to Indian history. Tavernier in course of his visit to India had chronicled his experiences in a book, Travels, that was first published in 1677 A.D. One of the incidents he mentioned in his book is worth to be noted.



The Raja of Vellore was killed in a battle with the king of Vispur. Eleven of his wives resolved to die with him. On knowing this, the General of Vispur imprisoned all of them together. They told the keeper at the time, ‘Imprisonment is futile. We shall die in three hours’.

After three hours all of them lay stretched on the floor dead, and were gone with their husband, without any mark of violence on their bodies.


It is out of pure love, they sacrificed their life.

We come across one more news published recently in the Times of India dated 25th December 2016.


A couple married for 64 years spent their final few moments together clutching each other’s hands tightly before dying just hours apart in neighboring hospital beds.

Dolores Winstead, 83, and husband Trent Winstead, 88, from Tennessee died in Nashville’s Saint Thomas West Hospital – five weeks short of their 64th wedding anniversary.


Dolores suddenly began to complain of a headache and was taken ill. She has suffered a severe brain aneurysm – and needed to be connected to a ventilator as – in tandem with her husband – her condition began to deteriorate. Hospital staff placed them in the same room and the couple were pictured holding hands next to each other. Dolores died first, with Trent blowing her a kiss when he was told she had passed before then dying himself a few hours later.


Many awe-inspiring incidents as above may be compiled which will make us understand the true meaning of life.

True, positive emotions inspire everybody and create history.

Let us develop positive emotions to make our life richer.