Mystery of Tribes in India- Part 1!(Post No.2910)

tribe 1

Research Article written by London swaminathan


Date: 20  June 2016


Post No. 2910


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tribe 2

Foreigners who came to rule India, divided Indians (Hindus) into two races Aryan and Dravidian; when their description met with some problems they created more groups such as Munda, Mongoloid and Aborigines. But neither the Sangam Tamil literature nor the older Sanskrit literature said anything about races. On the contrary they divided people into 18 groups and said that they all came from the same ancestors. Asuras (demons) and Devas (angels) prayed to the same Gods and got their boons. Asuras died because of their inherent weakness and bad qualities. Devas flourished because of their virtues.


Foreigners when classified the tribes put them in some boxes such as Dravidian, Aryan, Munda etc. But those who studied the customs of the tribes will be surprised to know that all have something common taken from Hinduism.

When you read about the tribes following questions will come into your mind:–

Where did they come from?

Why are they ‘uncivilized’ till today?

If they had come from the Indus Valley (according to divisive, cunning, jaundiced foreigners, “they are driven out by the invading Aryans”) why don’t they speak one language? Why do they speak different languages?

How come there is no common link among the languages?

tribe 3

tribe 5


If they have come from the civilized Indus valley how come all the tribes became uncivilized?

How come they have Sanskrit in their Gods names or totem Symbol names? (Please wait for more details in the following days)


Why don’t they worship the same God?

How come they claim different origins/ different ancestors?

Why are their marriage customs, funeral customs, taboos and totems differ very widely?

How come in a small area (for instance Nilgris) there are different tribes with different customs?

How come there are cannibals (jarawas) in the Andaman Nicobar Islands?


Why didn’t we find skulls or skeletons with similar features of these tribes or the so called Dravidians?

How come we found only so called ‘Aryan’ skeletons (with modern Punjabi features) in the Indus Valley Civilization?

tribe 6


tribe 8


tribe 10

My brief answer is:–

Even during Ramayana and Mahabharata times, tribes lived simultaneous with the epic/city civilization. We have enough proofs in the epics (Please read my articles Are Mayas Indian Nagas? Similarities between Nagas and Mayans, Origin of Gondwana )


I have already shown Gonds are from the Khandava vana burnt by Arjuna and Krishna; Mayans also were from the Gond+wana= Khandava Vana land.


Aborigines or tribes must have lived even during Indus Valley time. Bhimbetka cave paintings show that there were people living in the heart of India 20,000 years before the Indus Valley Civilization!

The reason for differences in the languages and customs is that they have been living here for very long time in isolation/independently.


I have been reading about the tribes of India for the past 45 years. There were articles in Dinamani Sudar and Manjari in regular periodicity. Even the word Munda is Sanskrit according to Sir Herbert Risley (Author of The People of India, year 1908) I am going to present you over thirty pictures of the ancient people of Bharat from Risley’s 100 year old book. You yourself decide after seeing their dress, jewellery, totems etc.



These are about a few tribal communities of North East India. Even within these three communities we see so many differences in hair style, jewellery, appearance etc. In the civilized Hindu society one can easily differentiate a married woman from unmarried woman. by looking at the toe ring (Metti in Tamil), Mangala Sutra (Thaali in Tamil), Madisarai style of Sari, Kunkum/Tilak on the parting of hair etc. In the first picture KHAMPTI female the hair style shows whether she is married or not where as in other tribal communities we dont see it. This will raise lot of questions about their origin.


……to be continued