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Compiled  by London swaminathan

Date 19 July 2015

Time uploaded in London:15-17

Sanskrit language has got lot of tips in the form of proverbs, golden sayings (Subhashitam), hymns and quotations which will help anyone under any circumstances. Here are some tips about wedding, dress and wife.

Choosing a girl:–

When choosing a girl who looks for what?

Kanyaa varayate rupam = Daughter prefers good looking husband

Mataa vittam = mother looking for a wealthy man (for her daughter)

Pitaa srutam = Father looking for an intelligent person

Baandhavaah kulam = Relations look for good family background

Itarejanaah = others look for delicious food; good feast

Kanyaa varayate ruupam mataa vittam pitaa srutam

Bhandavaah kulamichchanti mishtaamitare janaah

IMG_4877 (2)

Good wife should have five “LA”s

If you are lucky your will have these five Lakaaras

AnukuLA = Beneficiary

vimaLAngi = Blemishness

kuLAjaa  = Born in a good family

kuusaLA = Efficient

susiiLAa = Having good conduct

anukuulaam vimalaangim kulajaam kusalaam susiila sampannaam

pancalakaaraam bhaaryaam purushah punyodayaallabhate

–Subhasita ratna bhandaakaaram


If you are a man and want to command respect you must have five “V”s:–

VAtsaram = good clothes

VApuh = good look

VAk = good speech

Vidyaa = Knowledge

Vinaya = Modesty

Vastrena vapushaa vaachaa vidyayaa vinayena cha

Vakaaraih panchaabhih hiina: naro naayaati gauravam


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  1. R Nanjappa

     /  July 23, 2015

    This theme of the ideal qualities of the potential bride or groom is very dear to celluloid poets too, and polularised in some good Hindi film songs. Some come readily to mind.

    1. *kismat ki baat hai, malik ke haath hai,* *kismat ki baat, malik ke haath, jeevan ke saath hai—shaadi.* *(lyricist Rajinder Krishan, MD.Dhaniram/R.Sudarshanam, singer Kishore Kumar.)*

    *2.Zaroorat hai, zaroorat hai,, zaroorat hai* *Ek shrimati ki, kalavati ki, Seva karen jo pathi ki…*

    *(Rajinder Krishan, Madan Mohan, Kishore Kumar )*

    *3. Kisi nargisi nazar ko dil denge hum,* *kali zulf ke saaye mein dum lenge hum*

    *(Hasrat Jaipuri, Shankar Jaikishan, Mukesh)*

    *Of these, the first song was sung in Tamil by Chandrababu in the film ‘Penn’.Unfortunately, neither singer had a good, settled married life!*

    *In a Tamil film, there was a hilarious song sung by S.C.Krishnan for K.A.Thangavelu, which goes something like” Originality, osanda quality, onnaam number beauty, Paatti”, where he is describing his ideal girl to his grand mother!*

    * In films like Albela, Miss Mary (Tamil Missiamma), there were some delightful songs on the theme of ideal boy/girl.*

    *There were also some light-hearted songs warning people not to fall into the trap of marriage!*

    *1. Hum tum jisse kehte hain shadi* *You know hain pura barbadi* *Jo tum lalchaoge, peeche pachtavoge* * Mind you,Jaayegi aazaadi*

    *(Kaifi Azmi, S.D.Burman, Mohammad Rafi)*

    *2. Kuwe mein kood ke mar jana,* *Yaro tum shadi mat karna* *(You may even jump into a well,but do not marry!)*

    *(Shailendra, Salil Chaudhury, Kishore Kumar)*

    *This is an engaging subject!*

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