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Date: 21 October 2015

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News items about two mysteries occupied a good space in Western newspapers this morning. I have compiled the details from several sources:–



Both the incidents baffled lot of people including the scientists. They can only guess, but were not sure about it.

Chinese Miracle

Thousands of residents of cities in southern China reported seeing a huge city hovering ominously in the sky. The phenomenon, caught on video, sparked a spate of conspiracy theories. However, meteorologists believe the apparition was a Fata Morgana: an optical illusion that distorts distant objects, caused by the warming of the atmosphere above land or oceans.


An alien city? A parallel universe? A message from ghosts?

Residents in Jiangxi and Foshan, two southern Chinese cities, reported seeing a huge city—filled with shadowy skyscrapers—hovering ominously in the sky clear above them. The phenomenon, recorded by Chinese media in the video  has sparked a spate of conspiracy theories.

Many theories center around “Project Blue Beam,” a suspected plot by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to establish a new world order by either simulating an alien invasion of Earth or a projecting a second coming of Christ. Others say China was trying to gauge the public’s reaction to its own “top secret holographic technology.”


But what was it, really?

Meteorologists say the floating city was likely a Fata Morgana: A type of optical illusion that distorts distant objects, caused by the warming of the atmosphere above land or oceans. Atmospheric scientist Kenneth Bowman of Texas A&M University explained the phenomenon in detail to the Christian Science Monitor.

A vertical gradient of temperatures from cool land to hot air can bend light at an angle, which tricks viewers into seeing objects where they don’t belong. In this case, distant skyscrapers appeared to be hovering in the sky, when in fact they were sitting calmly on the far horizon.

Fata Morganas, named after the enchantress from the tales of King Arthur, are also believed to be behind the legend of the Flying Dutchman ghost ship.

Still, that explanation hasn’t dampened conspiracy fever. One proponent of the NASA “blue beam” theory has already garnered over 4 million views on YouTube.

Everyone in Central Guangdong, China were left baffled after a mysterious footage has gone viral online!

The footage shows that an apparition of a mysterious floating city suddenly appeared in the skies of China.


What’s even more surprising is the fact that the apparition even appeared with well-constructed buildings. After seeing the footage, people claim that they were really curious about what it really is.

However, experts claim that the apparition may have just been caused by a huge hologram that they built to see how the netizens will be reacting after seeing it!



U F O Crash Landing in London

(UFO= Unidentified Flying Object= Flying saucer)

A mystery object that appeared to have crashed into the middle of a road in West London, has left police baffled. Though this news appeared in London newspapers two days ago, still no explanation was coming forth!

Officers were called by a member of the public complaining about an unknown item on fire near the median strip of a road in Kingston.

Last night at around midnight a concerned member of the public called us on 999 stating that there was an unknown item on fire in the middle of the road.

Officers from Emergency Response Team A were dispatched along with the London Fire Brigade. When they arrived on scene they couldn’t believe their eyes!

The officers that arrived on scene described the item as looking like a crash landed UFO!

Other observers suggested that the mystery object might well be a pizza oven – although police remain confused as to who put the unidentified flaming object there, and why.


Source: London Newspapers

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