Miser or Philanthropist? 5 Anecdotes (Post No. 2534)


Compiled by london swaminathan


Post No. 2534

Date: 12th February 2016


Time uploaded in London:- 13-48

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Wills and Testaments Anecdotes

1.Miser or Philanthropist?

The merchant Guyot lived and died in the town of Marseilles in France. He amassed a large fortune by the most laborious industry and by habits of severest abstinence and privation. His neighbours considered him a miser and thought he was hoarding up money from mean and avaricious motives.


The populace whenever he appeared, pursued him with hooting and execrations, and the boys sometimes threw stones at him. At length he died and in his will were found the following words:


“Having observed from my infancy that the poor of Marseilles are badly supplied with water which they can purchase at a higher price. I have cheerfully laboured the whole of my life to procure for them this great blessing, and I direct that the whole of my property be laid out in building an aqueduct for their use.”



2.Hell, No, Heaven, yes you can enter!

The will of Stephen Girard, endowing Girard College in Philadelphia, prohibits clergymen from coming onto the premises. Horace Greely one day approached the campus in his customary, somewhat clerical-looking garb. The gatekeeper challenged him, calling out, “You can’t enter here.”

“The hell I can’t!” retorted Greely.

“I beg your pardon, sir”, replied the guard, “Pass right in.”



3.Bankruptcy Anecdotes

The following note was found among the effects of a businessman after his death. He had been long known for his frequent lapses into bankruptcy.


“I hereby name the following six bankers to be my pall bearers. Since they have carried me for so long during my lifetime, they might as well finish the job now”.



4.“Out of my own pocket”

Forced into bankruptcy for the fifth time, the merchant was going over his accounts with his lawyer ad accountant.


“It looks pretty bad this time,” said the accountant, “can’t see how you will be able to pay more than four cents on a dollar.”


“What”, retorted the merchant, “I have always paid ten cents on the dollar. And I am going to do this time too. Yes, sir, even if I have to take it out of my own pocket.”



5.Mankind would cease to die!

Abraham Ibn Ezra was an old Hebrew scholar who lived centuries ago. He was known far and wide as a most unlucky man. Everything he did seemed doomed to failure. In fact, so perverse was his fortune, he once remarked jestingly that should he go into the shroud business, mankind would suddenly cease to die.




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