Why do you praise me without knowing past and present? – Buddha (Post No.2549)


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Date: 17  February 2016


Post No. 2549


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The venerable Sariputta came to the place where the Exalted One (Buddha), and having saluted him, took his seat respectfully at his side, and said:

“Lord, such faith I have in the Exalted One that methinks tere never has been, nor will there be, nor is there now, any other, whether Wanderer or Brahman, who is greater and wiser than the Exalted One … as regards the higher wisdom.


Grand and bold are the words of thy mouth, Sariputta, (answered the Master)

‘verily, thou hast burst forth into a song of ecstasy! Of course then thou hast known all the Exalted Ones of the past … comprehending their minds with yours, and aware what their conduct was, what their wisdom, …… and what the emancipation they attained to?


Not so, O Lord!

Of course, then thou hast perceived all the Exalted Ones  of the future, ……comprehending their whole mind with yours

Not so, O Lord!

But at least, then, O Sariputta, thou knowest me  … and hast penetrated my  mind?

Not even, O Lord!

You see ,then, Sariputta that you know not the hearts of the Able, Awakened Ones of the past and of the future. Why, therefore, are your words so grand and bold? Why do you burst forth into such a song of ecstasy?

–Dialogues of The Buddha




Founder of Taoism (Picture)

Can anyone have Tao?

SHUN asked Cheng, saying, can one get Tao so as to have it for himself?

(Tao means Road, Path, Principle in Chinese)

Your very body, replied Cheng, is not your own. How should Tao be?

If my body, said Shun, is not my own, pray who is it?


It is the delegated image of God, replied Cheng. Your life is not your own. It is the delegated harmony of God. Your individuality is not your own. It is the delegated adaptability of God. Your posterity is not your own. It is the delegated exuviate of God. You move, but know not how. You are at rest, but know not why. You taste, but know not the cause.  These are the operations of God’s laws. How then should you get Tao so as to have it for your own?


–Cheng Tzu (China)

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