Story: The Brahmin who ate Too Much! (Post No.3714)

Written by London swaminathan


Date: 11 March 2017


Time uploaded in London:- 10-17 am


Post No. 3714


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.




I am trying to document all the old stories I have heard or read in the past. This is about the gluttonous Brahmins. People may wonder why they single out Brahmins in such stories. Of course, there are stories about every caste in India.


Feeding Brahmins (Brahmana Bhojanam) was considered a great meritorious (Punya) act; this is because the Neeti Shastras (Law Books) stipulated that the Brahmins should not accumulate any wealth and they should always go begging for alms by reciting the Vedas. So, kings have donated lot of lands to Brahmins so that they survive easily at times of natural catastrophes such as famine, drought, floods. Moreover, Brahmins themselves organised lot of Yagas and Yajnas (Fire Ceremonies) and other Pujas (ritual offerings to Gods) where feeding the Brahmins was done. This gave birth to a type of Brahmins who were gluttons. They can consume enormous quantity of food like a cart puller or a manual labourer.


One day there was a big festival in a village. Hundreds of Brahmins had a great feast on that day. Having done justice to their calling, Brahmins were returning to their respective villages in the afternoon. It happened so that two Brahmin priests travelling in opposite directions, crossed each other at a junction. Thy exchanged some pleasantries and then one of them had a big doubt!

“Oh my god, did I forget my shoes? I don’t feel anything in my feet because of heavy meals. I can’t even bend and look below because of my protruding tummy. Let me ask for some help from this man”, thought one of them. He said to the other Brahmin:

O, friend, do you see a pair of shoes on my feet?

Unfortunately, that Brahmin who had enjoyed a good feeding, was unable to look down at the foot of the Brahmin. He looked here and there and told him:

“What do you think about me? Am I a fool to leave some space in my tummy so that I can bend? Had I got that much space to allow me to bend, I would have consumed two more Vadas!”

(Vadai is a fried doughnut like snack)

He , then, made big burp and went his way!

Such was the helpless condition of the overeating Brahmins!


There is a saying about Brahmins: ‘Brahmana Bojana Priya’ (Brahmins are fond of food)


People use to tease Brahmins by saying, “Oh, that man! he would not know how much to eat in a feast. He always ties around his stomach a piece of thread, and eats until the thread bursts with the distension of the stomach!”

Long live Brahmins!


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