Questions and Answers: Where can I get books on the Vedas? (Post No.3770)

Written by by London swaminathan


Date: 29 March 2017


Time uploaded in London:- 21-07


Post No. 3770


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Every day I get at least one e mail asking for some details about Hinduism, Tamil Names, Word meaning and availability of books; some are personal questions which I cant share; If it is for book review I send the enquiries to my brother S Nagarajan, who writes regular book reviews. If it is regarding some astrological questions or predictions, I send it to my eldest brother S Srinivasan who does it free of cost. Since my brothers are in India they can give them quick reply in person or by phone or by email.


Here are a few recent questions and my answers; they may be useful to others:

Dear sir,


I read your articles in google, really very useful.


I need Atharvana Veda book in Tamil, pls help me.


I went to many shops, but not available.


Please give me the address for the book



My quick reply


Books on Vedas in Tamil are very few and difficult to get. If you contact


Jayalakshmi Indological Book House  


Book store in Chennai, India

AddressShop No.6, Appar Swamy Koil Street,, Opp. Sanskrit College, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004, India

Phone+91 44 2499 0539


She will get them for you or tell you whether they are out of print


For any book on Indology, Hinduism, Sanskrit in English and Tamil, she is the best; she will provide you details.


1).Tamil Maran’s book on Atharvana Veda is good.


2).Anuragam has published one booklet on each Veda in Tamil.


3).Kumtham Bhakti gave a booklet each for all the Vedas some years ago.




Question on V Sahasranama


This Is XYZ from Dibrugarh, Assam currently I am working as

XYZ. I came to know about you through Tamil

Brahmin website. I daily recite Vishnu Sahasranamam. I am very much

eager to Know any particular slokas there to excel in studies,

research, career growth, Success etc.



My quick reply:–


Glad to know that you recite Vishnu Sahsranama everyday.

If you are very keen to achieve great grades and success in your studies.

please recite couplets 19 and 27


Sloka 19



Sloka 27



All the Best.

Good luck in all your endeavours.



Respected Swami ji,

one thing kept me worried is about the correct pronunciation
of the slokas. I was following M.S Subbalaksmi and Sooryagayatri. I
was going through the English PDF of VS but I encountered several
mistakes in spelling for eg XXXXXXXXXXX
My question is if I make wrong pronunciation any of the slokas due to
this difference in spelling will it affect its efficacy?


MY Quick reply
God is Karunamurthy (FULL OF MERCY)

God just smiles at us when we do mistakes like a mother smiles at her childrens’ mistakes and enjoys. (So God wont punish us for wrong pronunciation)
But it is always good to follow correct pronunciation so that is kept intact for the future generations.
I follow MS Subbulakshmi on audio and Ramakrishna Mutt, Mylapore, Chennai book for written version.


Just follow that one which you think is correct or follow MS




Some typical questions received:

Can you get me XYZ book from the British Library?

I want to name my child XYZ. Is it a Tamil name?

Can you give me some ghost stories? We want to make a feature film?

Can you give me some verses from Sangam literature portraying Navarasam ( Nie sentiments) for a dance performance?

Are there any sex boosting medicines in our scriptures?

Can you give some names about water for my business?


Hundreds of people have asked: Where can I sell my old Indian currency notes? You wrote that one rupee and two rupees currency fetch thousands of rupees. ( I have answered this question umpteen times.)


Questions on Astrology:

When will I my sufferings end?

When will I get married?

When will I get a child?



If you are not bored yet, read the following: –

Respected Swami ji,

Are the UFOs time travellers?

Regards, S S



I just found this on Wikipedia about shenbagam (flower).

there is lots of differing opinion on it

my priest told he says its most auspicious to Siva however

another devotee told no, don’t offer it….

even in the Wikipedia article it strangely says

he can’t resist a devotee who offers him shenbagam however

it is not to be offered….it is very strange uncle. see below….

a devotee……………………



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