Stinginess Anecdotes (Post No.3769)

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 29 March 2017


Time uploaded in London:- 18-21


Post No. 3769


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.




Dog’s Father is Rich!

A poor German, relative of John Jacob Astor, once applied to him for charity. Mr Astor gave him a five dollar.

“Why?, said the disconcerted relative, “your son just gave me ten dollars!”

“Well, he may!”| , said the stingy old magnate; “the dog has a rich father”



Perfect Likeness!

Fenelon had for some time been besieging Richelieu for a contribution to a charity fund, but all his diplomacy had failed to make the wily French minister ” come across”

Meeting Richelieu in the Louvre one day, Fenelon remarked,

“I have just seen a portrait of you in the other room”.

“And did you ask it for a subscription?” replied Richelieu with a polite smirk.

No, I knew it was no use, said Fenelon, passing on. “It was a perfect likeness”.




Counting Fingers!

Russel Sage, the financier, had a wide reputation as a man difficult to separate from his money. A couple of promoters approached him one day and tried to sell him on a scheme they had. Sage talked with them for a while but said he could give them no definite answer yet. Telling them that he would communicate with them in a few days he showed them out of the office.

One of the promoters seemed quite optimistic and voiced the opinion to his partner that he thought Sage was pretty well sold on their proposition.

“I don’t know, replied the other sceptically. He seemed too suspicious to me. Didn’t you notice tha , after shaking hands with me, he started to count his fingers”.



How to become Rich!

The young journalist was sent to get a personal interview with the wealthy old Scotch merchant His paper desired a human-interest story on how he had accumulated his riches.

“Well, it’s a long story”, said the old man.

“And while I am telling it we may as well save the candle”.

Wherewith he blew it out.

“Never mind about the story, said the reporter. I understand”.



When J P Morgan drinks…………………

A legend of doubtful authenticity has it that J P Morgan was once present with a group of men at a bar in the financial district. Beckoning to the waiter, he ordered a beer; at the same time, saying, “When Morgan drinks, everybody drinks”.

Everybody had a beer and when Morgan had finished, he slapped a dime upon the table, saying,

“When Morgan pays, everybody pays.”


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