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Date: 1 NOVEMBER 2017


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Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.



Marse Henry Watterson used to tell with pleasure of his favourite typographic al boner (Stupid Mistake= Boner) in newspapers. It happened that a New York newspaper transposed, one day, the headings of its obituary column and the marine and shipping news which has chanced to fall on the same page. As a result a number of respected and diseased citizens were listed under the disconcerting heading, “Passed through the Hell Gate today”.


Uncle Tom’s Cabin

When Julia Ward Howe died, memorial services were held at San Francisco. The local literary colony attended practically en masse to pay their tribute. The mayor was asked to preside. Advancing to the edge of the platform, he said, Your attendance here, ladies and gentlemen, in such great numbers, shows San Francisco s appreciation of good literature. This meeting is a great testimonial to the immortal author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin– the late Julia Ward Howard.



Mozart’s Massachusetts!

This was one of Cardinal Gibbbon’s jokes

Patrick Gilmore,  the bandmaster, famous for his rendition of Mozarts Twelfth Mass, once presented his favourite number in a small North Carolina town. The reporter of the one newspaper in the town, who was assigned to “cover ” the performance evidently thought that the occasion was that one called upon him to avoid any undignified abbreviation s in his write up of the concert. He began with this statement

Gilmore’s band rendered with great effect Mozart’s Twelfth Massachusetts .




A young lady, who had recently acquired a large fortune, invited Paderewski to give a private concert at her home. Her knowledge of music was by no means as large as her newly found wealth.

Commenting on one of his selection s, she exclaimed, What a beautiful piece. Who composed it?

Beethoven, madam, was the reply.

Ah, yes, she said knowingly, ‘and is he composing now?

No, replied Paderewski gravely, he is decomposing.


Xxxx Subham, Subham xxxx



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