‘Vat a devil is dat?’ – Handel Angry! (Post No.6331)



Date: 1 May 2019

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Post No. 6331

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Mendelssohn ‘s friend Madame Frege sang to him a song with the words,

“Time marches on by night as well as day
And many march by night who fain would stay
Oh that has a dreary sound! The composer cried with a shudder— but it is just what I feel “

He then suddenly rose, as pale as death, and paced the room hurriedly, complaining that his hands were as cold as ice.

He died within a month.



Robert Fuchs, a reminiscent composer, was present one day when a highly Brahmsian composition of his was played to Brahms, and nearly fainted with embarrassment when the Master, assuming innocent bewilderment, asked him:
“But what piece of mine was that?”



Brahms attended a rehearsal of his clarinet quintet, and was so touched that tears came to his eyes. To cover his emotion he marched across the room, closed the first violin part and growled:
Stop the terrible music!



When Nietzsche one day observed to Wagner that in Figaro, Mozart had invented the music of intrigue, Wagner replied:
“On the contrary! In Figaro Mozart dissolved the intrigue in music.”



While George Gershwin was at work on the Rhapsody in Blue, his father thrust his head into the room.

“Make it good, George”, he counselled, it might be important.

So, indeed, it proved as Pa Gershwin was able to demonstrate irrefutably to a doubting Thomas.
“Of course it is a great piece ! Doesn’t it take fifteen minutes to play?”



Brahms hates to be called Meister /Master or Tonkunstler/ musical artist, for, he contented,
You might as well call me Cobblemaster or Maker of Clay Stoves and have done with it.



The first time the musical instrument called “the Serpent “ was used at a London concert over which the German composer Handel presided, he was so much surprised at the coarseness of its tones that he called out sharply:

“Vat a devil is dat?”
On being informed it was the Serpent, he replied,

“It never can be de serpent vat seduced Eve”.



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Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  (1756-1791) was Austrian composer and performer, who showed astonishing precocity as a child and was an adult virtuoso.



Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900) was a German Philosopher who rejected the accepted absolute moral values and the slave morality of Christianity. He argued that God is dead and therefore people were free to create their own values.


Mozart’s retort

A lad once asked Mozart how to write a symphony. Mozart said, “you are a very young man. Why not begin with ballads?”

The aspirant urged, “You composed symphonies when you were ten years old.”

“Yes”, replied Mozart, “but I didn’t ask ‘How?’




When Nietzsche one day observed to Wagner that in ‘Figaro’ Mozart had invented the music of intrigue.

Wagner replied, “On the contrary! In ‘Figaro’ Mozart dissolved the intrigue in music”.

(intrigue: mysterious or fascinating quality)


Fabulous Memory

The composer, Gounod, had a fabulous memory. When he was about 19 he had attended a rehearsal of ‘Romeo et Juliette’ which was still in manuscript and was being directed by the composer, Berlioz. The next day he called upon Berlioz, sat at the piano and proceeded to play the entire finale of the opera from memory.

The composer stared at him in terror and astonishment. Had his work been pirated? Was it some incredible coincidence?

“Where the devil did you get the music?”, he demanded.

“At your rehearsal yesterday,” replied Gunod.



Elegy to George Gershwin

When an American composer, George Gershwin, died, a man of sentiment combined with musical aspirations wrote an elegy in his honour. He sought out Oscar Levant. Reluctantly Levant granted him a hearing. Eagerly the man rendered the piece with his own hands and then turned expectantly toward Levant seeking approbation.


I think it would have been better, Levant said, if you had died and Gershwin had written the elegy.



I was the abominable Creature!

At premiere performance of Caesar Frank’s symphony, the gentle, benign old composer, who had seldom ventured out of his organ loft, was seated in the audience. The stupid and blasé assemblage were hostile to this fine work which did not until later read find its proper appreciation.

One pompous and arrogant woman, who chanced to be seated directly behind the composer, remarked loudly in the interim between two of the movements,

“Who is the creature who writes this abominable music?”

The gentle Frank turned around in his seat and said courteously,

“Madam, it is I”.


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Marse Henry Watterson used to tell with pleasure of his favourite typographic al boner (Stupid Mistake= Boner) in newspapers. It happened that a New York newspaper transposed, one day, the headings of its obituary column and the marine and shipping news which has chanced to fall on the same page. As a result a number of respected and diseased citizens were listed under the disconcerting heading, “Passed through the Hell Gate today”.


Uncle Tom’s Cabin

When Julia Ward Howe died, memorial services were held at San Francisco. The local literary colony attended practically en masse to pay their tribute. The mayor was asked to preside. Advancing to the edge of the platform, he said, Your attendance here, ladies and gentlemen, in such great numbers, shows San Francisco s appreciation of good literature. This meeting is a great testimonial to the immortal author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin– the late Julia Ward Howard.



Mozart’s Massachusetts!

This was one of Cardinal Gibbbon’s jokes

Patrick Gilmore,  the bandmaster, famous for his rendition of Mozarts Twelfth Mass, once presented his favourite number in a small North Carolina town. The reporter of the one newspaper in the town, who was assigned to “cover ” the performance evidently thought that the occasion was that one called upon him to avoid any undignified abbreviation s in his write up of the concert. He began with this statement

Gilmore’s band rendered with great effect Mozart’s Twelfth Massachusetts .




A young lady, who had recently acquired a large fortune, invited Paderewski to give a private concert at her home. Her knowledge of music was by no means as large as her newly found wealth.

Commenting on one of his selection s, she exclaimed, What a beautiful piece. Who composed it?

Beethoven, madam, was the reply.

Ah, yes, she said knowingly, ‘and is he composing now?

No, replied Paderewski gravely, he is decomposing.


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