Written by London Swaminathan 


Date: 13 NOVEMBER 2017


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Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.


SIVA Purana tells us that there was a demon king of Tripura, by name Taruka, who was exceedingly ambitious and oppressive. He forced Brahma by his austerities to grant any boon he should demand. A list of these austerities is interesting, as devotees in certain parts of India may be seen today practising many of them. Taruka went through eleven mortifications, extending over a hundred years:

  1. He stood on one foot, holding the other, and both hands up towards heaven, with his eyes fixed on the sun
  2. He stood on one great toe
  3. He took only water as sustenance
  4. He lived on air
  5. He remained in water
  6. He was buried in earth, but continued in incessant devotion
  7. He was burned in fire
  8. He stood on his head
  9. He hung on a tree by his hands
  • He bore the weight of his body on one hand
  • He hung on a tree head downwards.

Such merit was irresistible, and Brahma granted his request. After getting a boon that he should not be defeated by anyone, he became arrogant. Indra was forced to give his horse, Rishis had to part with their Kamadhenu/ magical cow. At last Siva’s son Kartikeya killed him.


What is the message such stories give us?

1.Foreigners are wrong in describing demons as aborigines who were against Hinduism. In fact, all the demons got their boons from the same Hindu gods who Devas also worshipped.

2.Why did Hindu gods help the demons?

Hinduism go by mathematical rules. Success directly is proportional to the efforts you put in. Even bad people get their share according to their efforts, but the inherent weakness of bad people destroy them.

Tamil Poet Tiruvalluvar, author of Tamil Veda Tirukkural says,

“Though the fate written by God stands in the way, strenuous effort yields ready fruit. Labour recompenses what fate denies.”

Even if providence is not particularly helpful, personal efforts will bear proportionate results.

In Hinduism, even Gods obey the rules. Once they are propitiated they must give the boon; once they give the boon they cannot withdraw it. But god and demons are controlled by Truth. Truth alone will triumph (Satyameva Jayate).


3.The third message we get is that the methods employed by demons and seers for doing penance requires utmost concentration. Once a student gets that much concentration he succeeds in his studies. Once an aspirant practise that much concentration and involvement in the task he or she undertakes, definite success is assured.

  1. The eleven types of penance gave stuff for modern comics like Superman, Spiderman, Phantom, Tarzan and Harry Potter.

–Subham —



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