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Date: 30 September 2018


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Two amazing discoveries of ancient Hindus show that they were the first travellers to America and other islands. Throughout Hindu literature we come across two Sanskrit words : Badavagni or Vadavagni (in Tamil Vada Mukha Agni) and the Chakravala Giri.


Badavagni is described as the sub marine fire in the shape of a horse. It sucks all the river waters that poured down into the oceans and so the oceans are within their bounds. Modern science show that there are under water volcanoes which are ever active. We find such ever burning, never stopping volcanoes in Hawaii (Pacific ocean) and other places. If Hindus were not ancient travellers, they would not have found them.


The second reference to Chakravala Giri, roughly translated, Circular Mountain chain, is also amazing. Hindu scriptures such as Valmiki Ramayana and Puranas very often mention it. This circular mountain is very new to western oceanographers. Only when they invented scubas and submarines they saw it and reported it. But Hindu scriptures in Sanskrit are talking about it for thousands of years. Unless they are adventurous and itinerant travellers, they would not have found them. Since these things are used as common place similes, even a layman has got some information about it.


Some books describe it a mountain chain encircling the earth which has ‘light inside but darkness outsid’e. We such things in the ocean in the form of volcanoes. So they are underwater structures.

What is the information available in science books?


Oceanographers have mapped more than 10,000 seamounts. Seamounts are mountains under the ocean. They are more in Pacific Ocean. In some places, they grow over the surface and form islands. They are found in Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. Unless ancient Hindus travelled to all these oceans they couldn’t have talked about circular mountains—Chakra vala – around the oceans.


I quote below a few verses from 1000 year old Kamba Ramayana and 1200 year old Pazamozi in Tamil. They use the Sanskrit words and so they are taken from earlier Sanskrit books:-



It swallowed wholesale elephants, chariots, horses and all;

Then drank up the seven seas with their fish;

Then swallowed the clouds with their thunder,

Dharma herself, O wonder! was frightened

That is the wrath might not spare even her!


Some it dashed against Chakravala;

Some it rubbed against the outer wall;

Some it flung over the seven hills and killed;

some it disposed of with huge hands

in the darkness encircling eight directions


–Chapter “The slaying of Hiranyakasipu’, Yuddha Kanda of Kamba Ramayana


In the Aranya Kanda, Kamban compared the gigantic hands of demon Kabandha, that surrounded Rama and Lakshmana to Chakravala that encircles the earth and the oceans.

In Pazamoli, a post Sangam didactic work with 400 Tamil proverbs the poet says,


Even the Chakravala, the mountains encircling the earth, may be eroded; but the harsh words told by one would never disappear (forgotten); so one must never do acts that which spoils one.

Passing remarks like these throughout Tamil and Sanskrit literature point out to the mid ocean ridges.


Mid ocean ridges are the underwater mountain chain. They join and form the longest mountain chain on earth extending to 44,000 miles. All these things came to light in the past 100 years or so. But Hindus wrote about such a system and they used it as a common place simile. Every ancient literate Hindu knew about it.


Monier Williams Sanskrit dictionary gives the following meaning to Chakravala:


A mythical range of mountains encircling the orb of the earth and being the limit of light and darkness.


Now we know it is not mythical, but real.


Chakravalam is found in the Sanskrit thesaurus Amarakosa. Kalidasa in Raghuvamsa (13-7) says that oceans gave refuge to the mountains when Indra cut down he wings of the flying mountains. This is another reference to geological science. Millions of years ago big meteorites were falling on earth and then stopped. This is attributed to Indra in the scriptures. Even today millions of meteorites fall into earth but most of them are burnt in the atmosphere. Very rarely we see such ‘flying mountains’; one such big meteorite destroyed the Dinosaurs on earth six million years ago.


A lot of science materials come to light as and when science discovers something new. I have already written elsewhere about the future predictions of Hindus. We are not boasting after something new is discovered. I have written about what is going to be discovered.


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  1. Excellent description of chakravala mountain. I was reading Yoga Vasishta and was looking for clarification. Thank you so much

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