List of ‘Sexy’ Plants (Post No.6946)


 Date: 28 AUGUST 2019  

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 19-24

Post No. 6946

Pictures are taken from various sources; this is a non- commercial, educational blog; posted in and simultaneously. Average hits per day for both the blogs 12,000.

I have already given a list of 255 plants. Here is a list of sexy plants, I mean, listed in the book  about aphrodisiacs (drugs, herbs, chemicals stimulating sexual feelings).

255 Indian Trees, Herbs and Shrubs mentioned in Brhat Samhita- Part … › 2015/02/23 › 255-indian-tr…

23 Feb 2015 – (Sapta parna, Ezilai Palai in Tamil). Compiled by London swaminathan. Post No.1670; Dated 23 February 2015. In the first part posted on 21st …

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If a Brahmin cuts the fruit treesshrubs, vines, , creepers or flowering plants , a … 255 Indian treesherbs and flowers mentioned in Brhat Samhita Part1, posted …

255 Indian Trees, Herbs and Shrubs mentioned in Brhat Samhita- Part … › 2015/02 › 255-indian-trees-herbs-and…

21 Feb 2015 – 255 Indian TreesHerbs and Shrubs mentioned in Brhat Samhita– Part-1 ….. ஜப்பானியர் அட்டூழியம்- part 1 (Post No.6723).

Plants in Mahavamsa | Tamil and Vedas › 2014/10/03 › plants-in-mahavamsa


3 Oct 2014 – Studying about the plants mentioned in ancient literature helps us to … We have Pippaladan and other names in Upanishads meaning Mr Pipal …

Plants list 2 | Tamil and Vedas › tag › plants-list-2


23 Feb 2015 – In the first part posted on 21st February I gave the names of 130 trees. Here is the second part: 131.Patra =Laurus cassia, Cinnamomum …

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