Iron Pillar of Delhi
Iron Beams at Puri Temple



Date: 2 NOVEMBER 2019

Time  in London – 16-37

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Iron Beams at Konarak Sun Temple

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  1. The iron pillars are but one example of the use of Indian iron and steel working technology; and iron itself is but one of the metals for which ancient India was famous, and continued to be famous till the 18th century, when the colonial authorities deliberately destroyed it.
    Indian iron and steel workers were very advanced in their technology. The foundries were small, but were numerous and turned out the best quality steel. It was known as “Wootz” steel. Before the Europeans came to India, it was the Arabs and Turks who traded with us and Indian steel was especially valued by them for their swords- the swords going up to Egypt and Damascus One famous brand of the sword was known as Damascus sword. These continued to be used extensively until the Crusades, when other fire arms were brought into use.
    We have the record of even Alexander being presented with Indian swords- he did not take gold or silver from India but only these steel swords!
    When the British came, they were stunned by the quality of Indian steel and the workmanship and technology based on the foundries. They found these foundries functioning along the Coromandal and Malabar coasts of South India. The quality of Indian steel was found to be so superior to what they made that they used Indian steel in the construction of many bridges- such as the Britannia Bridge on the Minai straits connecting Wales.
    The British colonists studied our iron and steel foundries in detail, and then systematically destroyed it, so that they did not have to face competition from India, their colony!

    It has ever been the fate of India to help others and getting kicked by them. Indian steel was used by the Arab and Turkish Muslims for making swords, and they used these swords against HIndus in attacking India. Britain used our steel, and ships and used them to subjugate us. Indian soldiers joined the British imperial army and fought many wars which had no connection with India- including even the two World Wars. They thus helped our colonisers in expanding and strengthening the colonial power. Alas, the trend continues even today- lakhs of educated Indians go abroad and slog for the Western countries which are competing with India and trying to destroy our civilization!
    The average “educated” Indian hardly knows in how many ways and for how many products the West is indebted to India!

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