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English newspapers in Britain have published a news item that the British believed in gem power. The news appeared yesterday (8-1-2020). Hindu beliefs about gem power existed in Britain 500 years ago.

The lovers’ ring lost in a field 500 years ago

A MEDIEVAL gold ring discovered in a field is likely to have been a 15th century love token, an expert says.

The band, found by a detectorist in York in 2016 and now on display at the Yorkshire Museum, is thought to have been owned by gentry or those ‘associated with royalty’ because it is set with a ruby and an emerald.

Adam Parker, of the Yorkshire Museum Trust, which bought the ring for £20,000, said emeralds were linked with chastity and rubies with love so it could have been ‘a betrothal charm’.

He said the ‘exotic’ ring, which was buried for 500 years, may have been dropped, or stolen and hidden.

It was likely to have had its origin in the Middle East or North Africa.

But experts, while describing the gold ring set with ruby and emerald as an ‘incredible treasure’, say its provenance cannot be proved.

Mr Ibbotson, 52, from Blackpool, found it in a field at Fulford, near York, in December 2016. It was officially declared treasure and he and the landowner received £10,000 each. Now, after more than two years of research, Mr Ibbotson believes it could be the ring on the index finger of Anne of Cleves in Hans Holbein’s 1539 portrait.



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