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 Date: 1 AUGUST 2019

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MS RAMNIKA JALALI’S BOOK INDIAN WOMEN IN THE SMRITIS is a good book. In 248 pages she has listed nearly 100 law books, what are called Smritis in Sanskrit. She has compared the status of women in 37 important law books and listed another 57 law books.

She has dealt with woman

As a girl

As a wife

As a mother

As a widow

As a prostitute

It is a balanced book and gives a long list of reference books.

It is treasure house for researchers.

She has given the famous sloka of Manu smrti in the very beginning:

Yatra naaryastu puujyante ramante tatra devataah

Yatretaastu na puujyante sarvaastatraaphalaah kriyaah

Manu 3-56

The deities delight in places where women are revered, but where women are not revered all rites are fruitless – Manu 3-56

Here some pages from the book

Full list of Hindu Law Books called Smritis is in the book.

Hindu woman in Toronto, Canada Hindu Temple Festival from Facebook