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Date: 9 DECEMBER 2017 


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Every year I make a new year resolution; but before the ink is dry it is thrown into dustbin. Why?

I thought big of me. I thought of becoming a Shankaracharya or a Baba or a Swamiji. I took a resolution not to feel angry or hate anyone. Was it possible? No. Some people did great injustice to me in my work spots though I did all the good things to them. So till this day I hate them. I can never win in such resolutions!

So, this year I am going to take a new year resolution which is possible and practicable (?!?!?!).

London swaminathan’s name in Guinness Book of Recordss! How?

I learnt a lesson from my father. He was Mr V Santanam, News Editor of Dinamani (Indian Express Group of Newspapers), Madurai. Everyday people used to come to our house or his office to give news items. He used to read them and smile. He would never say YES or NO to the bringer of those news items. But they would request my dad to publish the item the very next day, in a prominent place in the newspaper with BIG headlines.


I used to wonder why he smile like this. Some of the items attracted my attention as well. One day when I read one of those news items I laughed loudly. And made some comments in front of my father.

“Fools! Idiots! Ganges- Vaigai River Link Association (!!!) meeting; resolution number 1 etc. These people did not even know geography. No one could even find a solution to link the rivers Narmada, Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri, leave alone Vaigai! there is a big Deccan plateau in between!”


My father was a man of few words. But on that day, he interrupted me to say, ‘An association can live long only when there is some unachievable goal. The man who brought the item is Gulam Bhai, a good soul; he runs seven organisations including ‘Kashmr is ours Association’, ‘Madurai pedestrians Association’  , ‘Cyclists Association’ and this ‘Ganaga- Vaigai Association’. He continued…………


I learnt a lesson from him. Never set an unachievable goal if you want to reach the goal. So this year I decided to think small and set an achievable goal! What is it?

I must enter the Guinness Book of Records in 2018 under the category of the man who put most likes in Facebook in 2018.


Please don’t compete with me in this category!


You may wonder why I chose FACEBOOK LIKES for this year. Very often I see women’s posts or women’s pictures get most likes. Good and original ideas get less likes. Don’t think that I am frustrated because I don’t get many likes. I know the difficulties. When you have 5000 friends and you put likes to someone or a few, those people will ‘haunt’ you whenever you open the Facebook page! Moreover I get 6000 hits every day to my blogs and most of them come from my Facebook friends. But I still wonder why do they have this new disease of clicking LIKES only for WOMEN!

Let me stop there and give you the second reason for choosing Facebook Likes this year.


While I was reading Shakespeare, I came across three beautiful quotations: –






I was most attracted by the first quotation.

Why should I be a beggar in thanking people? So let me click as many likes as possible in the new year. But I am restraining myself with a big condition—This may even place hurdles in my goal of entering Guinness Book of Records. The BIG condition is,

“I should not put likes to any Tom, Dick and Harry posts. It must have good messages, original thoughts, not recycled You Tube materials, neither political support nor hatred towards something!”


Let me see whether I can win by putting LIKE only to good and original ones.


Why don’t you also place likes or tick likes when you see something GOOD, POSITIVE and ORGINAL in the new year?


Long live Facebook! Long, Longer, Longest live LIKES!






English New Year is Hindu New Year! (Post No. 2445)

SL ganesh stamp

Research Article written by London swaminathan


Date: 31  December 2015


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This article is uploaded in TAMIL as well.


Every year we hear a debate, sometimes becoming a raging controversy, whether we can celebrate English New Year or not on 1st January. Actually there is more ‘Hinduism’ in English New Year than any other religion.

So please celebrate Hindu New Year on First January! But it should be a ‘no drinks’, no ‘hanky-panky’ celebration.

ganesh nepal

Calendars have been changed continuously from the dawn of history. Hindus have more calendar systems than any other culture in the world. The whole world is celebrating New Year based on one or the other of the Hindu calendars. Most of the countries follow either a New Year calendar as March or April as the first month.


January Ganapathy! Ganapathy January!!


January, the first month of English calendar is named after Lord Ganesh. Romans called Ganesh as Janus and worshipped him for 800 years between 400 BCE and 400 CE. Anyone who reads about Janus will find it is nothing but the corruption of Hindu God Ganesh! J and G are interchangeable.


Here are the similarities:

1.Romans worshipped him with two faces facing opposite direction, looking at future and past

2.They installed Janus temples on road sides, entrances and gates.

3.They named the first month after him.


4.Janus is connected with war.


5.Janus temples were constructed in square shapes.

gold ganesh

All these are based on Hindu beliefs. Hindus begin any work with the worship of Ganesh. That is why Romans made it as the first month after calendar reformation.

Hindus install Ganesh at the gates or entrances of the temples. Most of the Tamil Ganesh temples are on road sides and in square shaped buildings or platforms. Ganesh is in charge of our future and that is why he is worshipped first. Bhuta Ganas under the leadership of Ganesh serve the army of Lord Shiva.


Romans had Janus temples all over Italy and Nero and other kings issued coins with Janus temples pictures. Even today Janus is displayed in all the museums from Vatican to Louvre. Romans had a city in the name of Janus, ‘Janiculum’ on the banks of River Tiber. Even today, Hindus install Ganesh under a tree mostly on river banks.

So the reformed English calendar is actually Hindu calendar.


Janus in Vatican City.

January 9th was celebrated as the Birth day of Janus/Ganesh in Italy 2000 years ago!

So we can even sing a Bhajan song in the name of January!


January Ganapathy, Ganapathy January Paahimaam

Ganapthay January, January Ganapathy Rakshamaam


(Paahimaam, Rakshamaam= Protect me, bless me)



Janus Temple in a coin of Emperor Nero


Hindu Sanskrit Months in English!

Sapta = 7= September

Ashta = 8 = October

Nava = 9 = November

Dasa = 10 = December


Sanskrit words for 7, 8, 9, 10 are still used in the names of English months. The entire world was following Hindu calendar beginning in March at one time and so the names for 7,8,9, 10 for September, October, November and December. The latest calendar was called Julian calendar after his reformation. Romans also made lot of changes in the calendar naming certain months after the Roman emperors Julius (July) and Augustus (August) Caesars.

So long as we have these months we will be remembering the Sanskrit numbers.

Even today the Saka year of the Government of India begins around March.


Hindus followed both solar (Tamil, Singhalese, Nepalese, Bengalis, South East Asian countries) and Lunar ( National year, Telugus, Kannadigas etc) calendars. Since it was the largest country in the ancient world each king or region followed different systems.


Hinduism is a religion which will digest everything alien to it and absorb or adapt it to suit it. Tamils have started going to temples like Tirupati, Tiruttani, Palani etc on Pada Yatra ( by foot ) on the English New Year day. This is a typical example how Hindus take everything to their advantage.


Muslim and Christian invaders were so ruthless and killed several thousand before converting them to their religion. They converted the whole of South America and most of Africa. But they could not do such a thing in India even after 1000 years! This is the secret of adaptation and absorption. Hindu religion is an ever changing religion. But it will never sacrifice its basic values such as Truth, Peace, Love, Kindness, Charity, fear of God, Respect for culture, Respect for Elders etc. They don’t bother about superficial forms. They digested and absorbed all that is good from the Greeks, Romans, Sakas and Huns. They boldly adapted certain systems from the Christians and Muslims. The world also took all that is useful from the Hindus such as the numbers, value of zero, domestication of cow and horse etc. Without these Hindu contributions the world would never have seen computers or space rockets! Or a civilization.



Let us celebrate “English” New Year as Hindu New Year on 1st January in addition to our traditional new years’ celebrations!

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year!