More Vanity Anecdotes (Post no.5228)

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Date: 17 JULY 2018


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Post No. 5228


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A magnificent ball was given in Paris. Pauline Bonaparte decided “to blot out every woman there “ She entered the ballroom when all the guests had already assembled. At sight of her the music stopped, silence fell upon the assemblage. Her costume was of the finest muslin bordered with golden palm leaves. Four bands, spotted like a leopard’s skin, were round about her head, while these in turn were supported by little clusters of golden grapes. She had copied the headdress of a Bacchante in the Louvre. All over her person were cameos and just beneath her breasts she wore a golden band held in place by an engraved gem. She had indeed blotted her rivals.

Nevertheless Madame de Coutades, who halted her, took a sly revenge. She went up to Pauline, who was lying on a divan to set off her loveliness, and began gazing at the princess through a double eye  glass. Pauline felt flattered for a moment and then became u easy. The lady who was looking at her said to a companion, in a tone of compassion,
What a pity! She really would be lovely if it were not for that!
For what? asked her escort.

Why are you blind? It is so remarkable that you surely must see it.
Pauline was beginning to lose her self composure. She flushed and looked wildly about wondering what was meant. Then she heard Madame de Coutades say,
Why, her ears? If I had such ears as those I would cut them off!
Pauline gasped and fainted away.

One of Disraeli s admirers, speaking about him to John Bright, said,
You ought to give him credit for what he has accomplished, as he is a self-made man.
I know he is, retorted Mr Bright ‘ he adores his maker’.


Henry James, the novelist, once lived near the estate of a millionaire jam manufacturer, retired. This man, having married an earl’s daughter, was ashamed of the trade whereby he had piled up his fortune.
The jam manufacturer one day wrote Mr James an insolent letter, vowing that it was outrageous the way James servants were trespassing on his grounds Mr James wrote back,
Dear sir, I am sorry to hear that my servants have been poaching on your preserves.
P.S. you will excuse my mentioning your preserves, won’t you?

When Jack London was in Korea reporting the Russo Japanese War, an official came to his hotel one day and told him that the entire was gathered in the square below to see him . London felt enormously set up to think his fame had spread to the wilds of Korea. But when he mounted the platform that had been erected for him, the official merely asked him to take out his bridge of artificial teeth. The crowd watched closely as he did it . And then for half an hour they kept him standing there, taking his teeth and putting them back again, to the applause of the multitude.


A Chicago matron was recently seated next to Mrs Cabot at a Boston Tea Party During the crisp exchange of conversation, Mrs Cabot advanced the Information that
“ in Boston, we place all our emphasis on breeding “
To which the Chicago matron responded,
“ in Chicago we think it is a lot of fun , but we do manage to foster a great many outside interests.

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More PREJUDICE Anecdotes (Post No.2985)

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Date:19 July 2016

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Meeting Margaret Fuller one day full-gloved in the street, Mrs. Horace Greeley, who had an antipathy to kid coverings, touched Miss Fuller’s hand with a shudder and snapped out “Skin of a beast!”


“Why, what do you wear?” asked Margaret.


“Silk,” responded Mrs. Greeley.


Miss Fuller gave a comic shudder and came back with: “Entrails of a worm!”



“One day,” related Booker T. Washington, the Negro educator, “a poor, ignorant white man came to the polls to vote.


“I wish you’d oblige me by voting this ticket,’ said a bright mulatto, who was standing near the polls.


“What kind of a ticket is it?” asked the poor white man.


“Why,” said the mulatto, “you can see for yourself.”


“But I can’t read “What, can’t you read the ballot you have there in your hand and which you are about to vote? exclaimed the colored man.


“No,” said he, “I can’t read at all.” “Well,” said the colored man, this ballot means that you are in favor of giving equal franchise to both white and colored citizens.”


“It means to let the niggers vote, does it?”


“ Yes, sir “


Then I don’t want it. Niggers don’t know enough to  vote”



Pauline Bonaparte

 Portrait of Pauline Bonaparte (1780-1825) 


Pauline Bonaparte engaged a huge Negro to bath her morning. When some one protested, she answered innocently,


“What? Do you call that thing a man?”


She then ordered the Negro to go out and marry at once in order that she might not be compromised.





One day Jack Johnson (the Negro heavyweight champion) went alone into Bradcock’s (in Mexico City), a very fashionable restaurant run by an American Southerner.


Jack had been told that there was no color line in Mexico, but in Bradcock’s restaurant, after a long wait on his part, a waitress informed him she had orders never to serve a Negro.


He went over to El Globo. Two generals at once insisted on returning with him to Bradcock’s. The three of them seated themselves at a table and asked to see Bradcock personally.


Bradcock appeared, rubbing his hands ingratiatingly as though about to present someone with a loving-cup.


“What can we do for you he asked solicitously, noticing the insignia on the uniforms.


“We want four coffees.”


“Certainly, certainly.” One was never impolite to a Mexi can general. “You have another friend coming.”


“No,” snorted one of the generals. “We are asking you to do us the honor of taking coffee with us.” He laid his gun on the table.


Mr. Brad cock, proud Southerner that he was, tamely sat down.


Afterwards the generals called a policeman, and Bradcock was fined a hundred pesos for discrimination.