Jesus Christ visited India and died in Kashmir! (Post No.10,461)

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Jesus Christ visited India and died in Kashmir!

Santhanam Nagarajan

I have come across many articles on this subject. Jesus Christ visited in India and actually he died in India.

I was wonderstruck with this new revelation. I started collecting all the points.
Here are some of the points, I have collected.
First there is a book titled ‘ Naked They Pray’ by Pearce Gervis. In that book he has given :

“I know that there was a belief, now among many peoples, that Jesus Christ, between the age of twelve and twenty-nine was in India, his years there being recorded in Hindu and Buddhist Shastras as well as in certain Yoga manuscripts; that he went to Puri, to South India, and Banares to study the Vedas and Laws of Manu, to the Himalayas where it is said that he studied in the solitary places the different paths of liberation, the art of contemplation and meditated there until found the perfect realization of this oneness with GOD.”

Madam Annie Besant also has revealed this fact in one her books.
Nicolai Notovich a Russian research scholar has also started his research on this. He visited India many times for his research work about India. While he was in India in 1887 he stayed as a guest in a Buddhist monastery at Zoji la pass. A lama described about Jesus Christ teachings and explained how all these sayings are in concurrence with Hindu Scriptures. Niclolai Notovich was astonished on getting these details.

The Persian Scholar, F.Mohammed in his book Jami-ut-tuwarik says that Jesus travelled with Mary to Nisibiss which is now called as Nusaybin, in Turkey.

The same point is being stressed by Imam Abu Jaffar Mohammed in his book ‘Tafsi-Ibn_i-Jamir-at-tubri’.

Holger Kersten, a German author has also agreed with both of these scholars in his book. Kersten also says that Jesus stayed at Kashmir and died there.

Many interested scholars started visiting Kashmir to find out the Tomb of Jesus. And they found the tomb of Jesus in Srinagar, Kashmir, India.

A writer by name John Noel corroborates the discovery of the tomb of Jesus in Srinagar, Kashmir. He has written an article entitled, ‘The Heavenly High Snow Peak of Kashmir’ in which he says as follows:

“ Immensely strong are those picturesque, brod-shouldered Kashmiri peasants, and yet docile and meek in temperament. One thing about them strikes you with enormous force. They seem more perfectly Jewish than the purest Jews you have ever seen.”
He also continues, “ Of recent years certain explorers have also come upon traces of this story of the sojourn of Jesus in these regions. In one version of the story he is said to have come to confer and agree with Buddhist monks on the doctrine of reincarnation during the years of his young manhood, the period of which there is no Biblical record in regard to his whereabouts.”

The tomb of Jesus has been found ultimately in Srinagar with the inscription ’Yus Asaf’. Yus Asaf could be none other than Jesus says the studies.
It is quite interesting to note the above findings from renowned scholars.
But one thing is certain. This, in no way affects the teachings of the great Jesus nor defame him in any respect.


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What is Samadhi? Post No. 2329


Compiled by London swaminathan

Date: 14 November 2015

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Once there was a talk between Shiva and Parvati. Shiva is one of the Hindu Trinity, who is always in a state of Samadhi. His place is often in the cremation ground. He used to freely roam about, never feeling separate from the universe. He would leave Parvati in Kailas, while on his itinerary. Parvati asked Shiva to teach her to meditate and enter samadhi so that she could always remain in that state without at any time feeling the separation. Shiva asked her to sit down in Asana, close her eyes and turn her gaze within and meditate. Then the following dialogue took place

Shiva :– What do you see now?

Parvati :–I see your form before my mental vision.

Shiva :– Go beyond that form. What do you see now?

Parvati :–I see a brilliant light

Shiva :– Still go beyond that light. What next?

Parvati :–I hear the sound Om

Shiva :– Transcend the sound. What is your experience now?

To this last question, there was no answer. Parvati had become one with the Cosmic Self. There was now no subject and object, no seer and seen, no hearer or heard, for her. All had dissolved into one really, one Existence. There was only one Changeless, nameless, formless, non-dual Brahman. Sometime later, when Parvati was gradually coming back to body consciousness, she was heard uttering softly

I am Brahman

This story of Shiva and Parvati may or may not be true but its value consists in teaching, by way of illustration, the process of meditation and ultimate realisation.


Story told by Swami Ramdas of Anandashram, North Kerala