Wonderful and Strange Facts in Manu Smrti (Post No.3041)


Written by london swaminathan

Date: 6th    August 2016

Post No. 3041

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Manu Smrti or Manava Dharma Sastra has 2685 slokas or couplets.

Manu Smrti (MS) is the oldest law book in the world according to the internal evidence (Please see below about Soma Herb and Saraswati River).

There is no book in the world that deals with so many topics as MS.

It is older than the Hammurabi code according to the evidence in it and other scriptures like Bhagavad Gita.

It has got many strange references about women, Saraswati River, Age of man and sale of Soma etc. In this first part I will refer to some slokas with my comments.


1.Woman’s Mouth is always Pure:-

A woman’s mouth is always unpolluted, as is a bird that knocks down a fruit; a calf is unpolluted while the milk is flowing and the dog is unpolluted when it catches a wild animal (3-150)


2.Man lived for 400 years!

In the Krta Yuga (First of the Four Yugas), people are free from sickness, achieved all their goals, and have a life span of 400 years; but in the ages that began with the age of Treta yuga, their life span grows smaller foot by foot ( in other places he mentions 100 year life span during the modern era).


3.Origin of life in Water:-

He (God) thought deeply, for he wished to emit various sorts of creatures from his own body; first he emitted the waters, and then he emitted his semen in them; that became a golden egg, as bright as the sun with his thousand rays; Brahma himself, the grand father of all people, was born in that egg. “The waters are born of man”, so it is said, indeed the waters are the children of the primordial man (1-8 to 10).


4.Sumuka mystery

Manu gives a list of kings in which Sumuka is one; there is no mention of Sumuka in our scriptures, but it is in Sumerian king list (Please read my article:Sanskrit words in Sumerian Culture: Sumukan Mystery, posted on 12 May 2014)


5.Strangest treatment!

Foreigners criticised every Hindu scripture as corrupted and interpolated; they even criticised the purest and oldest scripture Rig Veda as interpolated with Khila (appendix added later) portions. But they maintain dead silence about Manu Smrti. They never talk about any interpolations, because they want to use all the interpolations as originals and bash them as hard as possible. It is the strangest fact.

My comments:

Manu Smrti has many interpolations (I will call them ‘udating’) which were added during the Brahmin rule of Sunga Vamsa around Second century BCE. Harsh slokas about Shudras were added during this period. What is the proof for interpolations? The proof comes in the form of contradictions in the book. It advocates marrying any woman if she is good, getting education from the lowest class, praising women sky-high which is not seen in any book until today. But in some other places we have contradictory statements.

In several places Manu is used in third person:- Manu said….. This shows it was compiled by someone at a later date.



6.Manu’s Age 1500 or 5000 BCE!

Lord Krishna mentioned Manu in fourth chapter of Bhagavad Gita. He says he was the predecessor of Ikshvaku (Sugarcane King); please read my articles about Manu and Sugarcane:-

Mystery of Manu: Rig Veda Mystery No.8, posted on 19 January 2015

The Sugarcane Mystery: Indus Valley and Ikshvaku Dynasty, posted on 19 November 2011


The internal evidence in Manu Smrti is amazing:-

The Saraswati River is mentioned by him in at least three places:-8-105, 2-17, 11-78

He says a person who killed a Brahmin may eat food fit for the oblation and walk the length of the Sarasvati river; earlier he mentioned a walk for 1000 miles reciting the Vedas to get rid of the sin.

My comments:

This means Manu lived in the period when Sarasvati river was running for 1000s of miles. Even the Mahabharata and Brahmana literature mentioned the dried Sarasvati river. That means Manu lived before the Mahabharata period. DR Mankad dated him around 5700 BCE.


7.Sale of Soma!

Soma plant was very rare even during late Vedic age. They were talking about alternates to Soma. Manu mentioned about Soma sale and forbidden sale etc. That means he lived in the early Vedic age.

All the dates given by western scholars are ridiculous. It is like giving a date of latest amendment to Indian constitution as the original date of the constitution. All Hindu Puranas, Smrtis and Scriptures were subjected to constant updating.

Soma plant and Soma sacrifices were mentioned in several places:-

3-87, 211, 257

4-26, 52

9-129, 11-7 to 12, 255

Sale of Soma – 3-158, 180, 10-80


To be continued………..