Wealth Accumulated by Frauds disappears after 10 Years! – Chanakya (Post No.4795)

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Date: 28 FEBRUARY 2018


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Post No. 4795

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Every day we read in the newspapers that the corrupt people and fraudulent people have accumulated enormous amount of money; suddenly the government take some action against them. But Chanakya and the Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar had their own strange calculations about the wealth of the frauds. Chanakya says it would disappear after 10 years. Valluvan said that it would make the corrupt people cry and then leave them. Great men think alike. Read below in their own words:-

Wealth Accumulated by Frauds disappears after 10 Years! – Chanakya (Post No.4795)

2.Chanakya Niti and Tirukkural part 2

Fate cannot be Averted

Just as a call goes to its mother even in the midst of thousands of cows, in the same way the action done follows the doer.

Chanakya Niti,13-14

What is there more potent than fate? It forestalls every expedient one may resort to for averting it- Tiruk Kural 380



Spring of Knowledge!

Just as one gets to subterranean water by digging with a spade, in the same way does a pupil knowledge embodied in teacher.

Chanakya Niti,13-16

The sand spring flows with water as you dig deeper. By deeper study knowledge flows – Kural 396



Water is Jewel

There are three jewels on the earth –water, food and wise saying. The ignorant gives the name of jewel to pieces of stone.

Chanakya Niti,14-1

Rain is instrumental in the production of good food and is itself food -Kural 12.

Duties of life cannot be performed by any person in the absence of water -Kural 20

By the continuance of rain the world is preserved in existence; it is there fore worthy to be called ambrosia – Kural 11


King and Fire

King, fire, teacher and women, when too close, lead to destruction, when far do not serve the purpose. So they have to be approached by the middle path.

Chanakya Niti,14-11

Even like those, who desire to warm themselves before a fire, persons in the king’s service will not go too close, nor stay away too far- Kural 691

Fire burns when it is touched; does it also have the potential to burn, when it goes far away from one?- Kural 1159.



Hold back your Tongue!

If you want to bring round the whole world to you with one action,

hold back your tongue from speaking ill of others

Chanakya Niti, 14-14


Guard your tongue, whatever else you may not guard, otherwise you wi come to grief -Kural 127


Sweet Speech

One who knows words that go well with the context, the sweet speech that goes well with his glory and anger that befits his strength is wise

Chanakya Niti,14-15

Pleasing speech of good effect is productive of righteousness and virtue- Kural 97


Let men of sagacity who understand the use of words study the assembly and address it with discretion- Kural 711

The learning of the scholar shall shine before an assembly if flawless scholars who know the art of words.- Kural 717



Why no Sweet Words?


All beings feel happy with sweet words. So one should go for them. Why is the Parsimony in sweet words?

Chanakya Niti, 16-17

When a man knows that kind words bring joy and happiness,

why should he resort to harsh words?- Kural 99


If you speak at all speak profitably-Kural 200


Wealth through Unjust means

The wealth earned through unjust means stays for ten years. With the onset of eleventh year it vanishes root and branch.

Chanakya Niti,15-6

All profits, that make others weep, depart with tears. Kural 659

Another translation of Kural 659:- Wealth amassed in the midst of other people’s tears, will also go that way causing one’s own distress;

while by good actions, even if loss is sustained, final results will be beneficial.



Death better than Insults


It is better to die than to live under insult. In death, it is a momentary pain, in insult it is a daily affair

Chanakya Niti, 16-16

It is better to die with honour than be slaves of those that scorn you – Kural 967

Hair lost, the yaks live not; Honour lost, noble men leave their life – 969


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