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Tamils have a special interest in Aindra grammar system. The reason being Tolkappiar, the author of the oldest book in Tamil (Tolkappiam) was well versed in it. Panamparanar who introduces Tolkappiar in his prolegomenon says this. So people wonder whether AINDRA was prevalent before Panini or after Panini or many systems existed at the same time in different parts of India. Tolkappiar says Indra and Varuna are gods of two Tamil regions along with Vishnu, Skanda and Durga representing other three Tamil regions.

Great Tamil poet Kamban says Hanuman was well versed in Aindra grammar. He is also praised as Nava Vyakarana Panditha. (Nava may mean NEW or NINE)

Agrawala says,

“According to Vedic literature Brahma taught grammar to Brihaspati and he taught Indra and Indra taught Bharadwaja. He in turn taught other Rishis (seers). Now we know there was another system Bharadwaja grammar. Bhardwaja was a master of Aindra as well. Panini also mentioned several teachers before him.

Tamils believe that there was one grammar before Tolkappair, codified by Agastya as well. Agastya’s own disciple Tolkappiya did another grammar within a short time.Why? we don’t know. From all these things what we understand is several grammar systems existed simultaneously, because there can’t be more than 50 years difference between Agastya and Tolkappiyar if we believe the story of most famous Tamil commentator Nachinarkiniyar. Tamils also believe that Shiva sent Agastya to codify a grammar to Tamil language. It is in the old Tamil verses. Poet Kalidasa also links Pandya with Agastya in his Raghuvamsa. It is all 2000 year old belief.

Indra is a Vedic God who has the highest number of hymns in the oldest book The Rig Veda. The very construction of the word Aindra (derived from Indra) is also of Sanskrit origin.

But many Tamils do not know much about Panini or other systems of grammar that existed in India. Agrawala in his book ‘India as known to Panini’ gives interesting details:–


ஐந்திரம் நிறைந்த | Tamil and Vedas

8 May 2018 – அனுமனை நவ வியாகரண பண்டிதன் என்றும் ராமாயணம் வருணிக்கும். நவ என்றால் இரண்டு பொருள் உண்டு. புதிய மற்றும் ஒன்பது …


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