“No Cabinet Minister is Indispensable!” Abraham Lincoln (Post No.2700)


Statue of Plato.

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Date: 6 April, 2016

Post No. 2700

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Modesty anecdotes


Plato’s Story about Spirits
Plato tells a fable of how spirits of the other world came back to find bodies and places to work. One took the body of a poet and did his work. Finally, Ulysses came and said,
“All the fine bodies have been taken and all the grand work done. There is nothing for me”.

“Yes”,said a voice, “the best has been left for you – the body of a common man, doing a common work for a common reward”.


Respectable Ladies thrown out!
A t Lyon assizes, in France, before the trial of a certain case, the presiding judge remarked on seeing the court crowded with ladies:
“The persons composing the audience are probably not aware of the nature of the case about to be tried. I therefore feel it incumbent on me to request all respectable women to withdraw”.

Not one of the ladies stirred from her place.

“Usher”, the judge continued, “now that all the respectable women have left, turn the others out”.


lincoln speeches
Let him resign; no one is a national necessity!
Salmon P Chase, when Secretary of the Treasury, had a disagreement with other members of the Cabinet, and resigned.
The President was urged not to accept it as “Secretary Chase is today’s national necessity”, his advisers said.

“How mistaken you are!” Lincoln quietly observed, “yet it is not strange. I used to have similar notions.
No! if we should all be turned out tomorrow and could come back here in a week, we should find our places filled by a lot of fellows doing just as well as we did, and in many instances better”.

“Now, this reminds me of what the Irish man said. His verdict was that ‘in this country one man is as good as another. And, for the matter of that, very often a great deal better’. No, this government does not depend upon the life of any man.


da vinci

Learno da Vinci’s modesty

Vasari relates that when Learnado da Vinci lay on his death bed, the King came to visit and cheer him. He raised himself as far as he could in the Royal presence and lamented that he offended God and man in that he had not laboured in art as he ought to have done.



Picture of Pederewski

Piano at Beethoven Museum

In Bonn, the home of Beethoven has been converted into a memorial museum. In one of the rooms, roped off from curious hands, is the Piano upon which Beethoven composed many of his great works. A Vassar girl visiting the shrine with a party of American students, looked upon the instrument with awe and asked the guard, with the additional persuader of a generous tip, if she might play upon for a minute. The permission was granted and she sat at the piano and strummed out a few bars of the ‘Moonlight Sonata’.

Departing she remarked to the guard, “I suppose all the great pianists who have come here at one time or another played on it”.

The guard said, “No, Miss, Paderewski (famous Polish pianist) was here two years ago; but said he was not worthy to touch it”.
beethoven piano