Conversation teaches more than Meditation (Post No. 2485)


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Date: 13 January 2016


Post No. 2485


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104.Conversation makes one what he is.

105.Conversation teaches more than Meditation.

107.Education begins a gentleman, conversation completes him.

108.He that converses not, knows nothing.

109.Sweet discourse makes short days and nights.

110.Talk of the devil, and he is bound to appear (a remark made when a person mentioned in conversation unexpectedly arrives on the scene.)


111.Many speak much who cannot speak well.

112.He cannot speak well, that cannot hold his tongue

113.Flow of words is not always flow of wisdom.

114.Empty vessels make the most sound.

115.Great talkers fire too fast to take aim.

116.The mill that is always going grinds coarse and fine Those who talk constantly will often say what is better left unsaid).


117.Great talkers are like leaky pitchers, everything runs out of them.

118.He must have leave to speak who cannot hold his tongue.

119.The eternal talker neither hears nor learns.

120.The tongue of idle person is never still.



120.A man act unrighteous and not even make mention virtue, but if he would refrain from slander behind others back it would be creditable to him – Tirukkural 181

121.Greeting a friend with false smile but speaking ill of him behind his back, is conduct more despicable than denouncing righteousness and doing evil. – Tirukkural 182


122.Death after a virtuous life is preferable to a life sustained by lies and slander. – Tirukkural 183



123.Silence is golden.

124.Silence is of the gods (Chinese Proverb)

125.Silence is the sweet medicine of the heart (Chinese Proverb)

126.A good bestill is worth a groat (Bestill is a command to be silent.

127.A close mouth catches no flies.

128.It is good to have a hatch before the door (Meaning: one should be able to keep silent when necessary)

129.Good that teeth guard the tongue.

130.A still tongue makes a wise head.

patel, r prasad

First Governor General Mr. C. Rajagopalachari with Dr. Rajendra Prasad (centre) and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (right), 1948.

131.No wisdom to silence

  1. A wise head makes a close mouth.

133.Silence never makes mistakes (Hindi Proverb).

134.If you keep your tongue prisoner, your body may go free.

135.He knows enough that knows nothing f he knows how to hold his peace.

136.Neglect will kill an injury sooner than revenge (It is more effective to remain silent than retaliate when insulted).

137.No reply is best.

138.Silence is a woman’s best garment

Quietness is a great treasure.

139.Silence catches a mouse.

140.Sorrow makes silence her best orator.


141.Silence means consent

142.Silence and thinking can no man offend.

143.Silence does seldom harm.

speak not

144.Speech is silver, Silence is golden.

145.Talking comes by nature, Silence by understanding.

146.Wise men silent, fools talk.

147.He that speaks sows, and he that holds his peace gathers.

148.There is a time to speak and a time to be silent.

149.More have repented speech than silence.

150.Better say nothing, than not to the purpose.

151.Speak fitly, or be silent wisely.


152.He that is silent, gather tones.

153.Still waters run deep.

154.Beware of a silent man and still water.

155.From a choleric man withdraw a little; from him that says nothing for ever.

156.Dumb dogs are dangerous.

(I will give Sanskrit Proverbs on Speech and Silence



Blind Rituals! The Cat and the Guru Story!


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Date : 8 September  2015

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In a hut lived a Guru and his disciple. The hut was situated outside the town limits in a forest. As they were troubled every night by rats, the Guru reared up a cat. Both the Guru and the disciple were very fond of the cat. But during the meditation early in the mornings, the cat would sit up on the lap of the Guru and disturb his meditation. So the Guru got a string and tied up the cat to the leg of his coir cot. This went on from day to day. Eventually both the Guru and the cat passed away through old age.

The disciple stepped into the shoes of his Guru and was the sole owner of the hut he carried on the practice of early morning meditation. When meditating he found that he had no cat which he could tie up to the leg of the cot as his Guru did. He was under the impression that tying up the cat was necessary for successful mediation. He also bought a cat and tied it before meditation.

When he passed away, his disciple faithfully followed cat tying ritual. It went on for generations. Lot of us practise such rituals blindly without understanding the meaning.

Some disciples blindly imitate their Gurus without understanding the meaning. Imitation is not the way – each one should develop on the spiritual path according to his or her individual nature and temperament. An all beneficent influence and guidance is, of course, necessary from an illumined sage.