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Date: 8 JANUARY 2018


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1.We all know that Vyasa muni wrote Mahabharata with the help of Lord Ganesh. What is the full name of Vyasa?

2.Ashtavakra was the Rishi (seer) who was born with eight bends in his body because of the bad sound effect; his father recited the Vedas with mistakes; who told this story to Yudhisthira?

3.Who was the rishi that visited the Pandavas in the Dwaitya forest and advised them to surround themselves with Brahmanas?

  1. What is Dronacharya’s father’s name?

5.Which Muni (saint) gave Dronacharya the Agni Astra (fire weapon)?


6.Who was the one who told Yudhisthira the story of Nala and Damyanti in the forest?

7.Who was the chief priest of Pandavas who advised them on religious ceremonies?

8.What is the name of the Rishi who gave boons to Kunti for serving him?

9.Name the rishi learned in astrology and astronomy who visited Balarama during the Mahabharata war.

10.Name the Inter Galactic traveller (rishi) who advised Dhritarashtra  to keep Duryodhana in check.

11.Parikshit, posthumous son of Abimanyu, was cursed by whom for throwing a dead snake on a seer?

Kalakshetra Picture




12.Who was Shrungi’s father on whose neck the dead snake fell?

  1. Who taught Sanatsujatiyam to Dhritarashtra to come out of ignorance or wordly attachment?




14.Who performed the Pattabisheka (coronation ceremony) of Lord Rama?


15.where did Sita Devi live when Lakshmana left her in the forest?

16.Who taught Rama the famous Surya Hymn Aditya Hrudaya ?

  1. When young who gave the miraculous Bala, Abala mantras to Rama Lakshmana?

18.Who did Putra Kameshiti Yajna for Dasaratha?

19.Rama met a seer before going to the Ashrama of Agastya. He Gave all his taposakti (austerity earned by doing penance). Who was he?

20.Who was the Guru of Janaka?

21.Who was the seer who turned down the invitation of Indra and entered fire after worshipping Rama?

22.Who gave a big feast to the army of Bharata by his power earned through penance?

23.Anasuya gave lot of jewels to Sita/ Who was her husband?

24.Rama’stouch turned Ahalya into a woman from stone. What is the name of Ahalya’s husband?

25.Who wrote Ramayana in Sanskrit?



1.Krsihna Dwaipayana, 2. Lomana rishi, 3. Bakadalbhya, 4. Bharadwaja, 5 Agnivesha Muni, 6. Brihadashwa, 7.Dhaumya Rishi, 8. Durvasa, 9. Gargacharya, 10. Narada 11.Shrungi, 12. Shamika, 13. Sanatsujata, 14.Vasishtha, 15.Valmiki’s Ashram/hermitatge, 16. Agastya, 17.Viswamitra 18.Rishya shrnga 19. Sutikshna, 20.Sadananda 21.Sarabhanga, 22.Bharadwaja,  23.Atri,  24. Gautama and 25. Valmiki