Manu Smrti on Low Caste Women (Post No.2946)


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Date: 5 July 2016

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The oldest law book in the world ‘Manu Smrti’ has very interesting couplets on women who were born in low caste.


A man who has faith may receive good learning even from a man who is lower, the ultimate law even from a man of lowest caste, and a jewel of a woman even from a bad family.

Manu 2-238


Ambrosia may be extracted even from poison;

And good advice even from a child;

Good conduct even from an enemy;

And gold even from impure ore.

Manu 2-239

Women, jewels, learning, law, purity, good advice and various crafts may be acquired from anybody


Manu 2-240

In extremity, one is permitted to learn even the vedas from someone who is not a Brahmin and to walk behind him and obey him like a guru as long as the instruction lasts

Manu 2-241

It is interesting that Tamil king Nedunchezian who lived 2000 years ago also said the same about education in verse 183 of Purananuru. Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar who lived 1500 years ago also said the same:-

Though high born, an unlettered man is lower than a learned man of lower birth. Kural – 409


Low Caste Woman Arundhati

When a woman is joined with a husband in accordance with the rules, she takes on the very same qualities that he has, just like a river flowing down into the ocean (River=wife, Ocean = husband).

Manu 9-22

When Akshamala (Arundhati), who was born of the lowest, united with Vasishta, and Sarangi, the hunter woman with Mandapala, they became worthy of honour.

Manu 9-23

Six acts banned for women


Associating with bad people

Being separated from their husbands

Wandering about

Sleeping alone in other places

And living in other peoples’ houses

Are the six things that corrupt women.

Manu 10-13


Respect Women! Or else you will be destroyed!!


Manu’s severe warning:–


Fathers, brothers, husbands, and brothers-in-laws who wish for great good fortune should revere women and adorn them Manu 3-55

The gods delight in places where women are respected, but where women are not honoured all rites are fruitless

Manu 3-56


Where the women of the family feel miserable, that family is soon destroyed, but the family where the women are happy thrives well

Manu 3-57

Homes that are cursed by the women who have not treated with reverence are completely destroyed, as if struck down by magic



Therefore, men who wish to prosper should always revere those women with ornaments, clothes and food at celebrations and festivals

Manu 3-59

There is unwavering good fortune in a family where the husband is always satisfied by the wife, and the wife by the husband

Manu – 3-60

Nowhere else in the world we can see such support for women. Manu was the greatest supporter of women’s rights.