Bharata Muni statue unveiled in Delhi (Post No.6643)

Kavita Dwibedi with Bharata Muni


Date: 17 JULY 2019

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Post No. 6643

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New Delhi, July 16,2019– Joining the pan-India celebrations of Guru Purnima, the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) on Tuesday unveiled a statue of sage and theatrologist Bharata Muni who composed the ”Natya Shastra”, an ancient Sanskrit text on performing arts.

The unveiling happened on the Foundation Day of IGNCA”s Kalakosh division, a department dedicated to the rich body of literature surrounding India”s classical arts.

The statue was unveiled by Rajya Sabha MP and classical dancer Sonal Mansingh, IGNCA president and senior journalist Ram Bahadur Rai, and National Gallery of Modern Art director-general and sculptor Adwaita Gadanayak.

The ”Natya Shastra” is the oldest extant literature in the field of dramatic arts.

The black-coloured sculpture, conceptualised by classical dancer Padma Subrahmanyam and sculpted by Bengaluru-based artists T.N. Rathna and S. Venkataramana, represents divine forces and the classical arts tradition of India.

It can now be seen at the IGNCA”s entrance.


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Modesty Anecdotes

Cato, the Roman statesman (95 BCE), on observing that statues were being set up in honour of many remarked, “I would rather people ask, why is not there a statue to Cato, than why there’s”.


Mr President!

Abraham Lincoln was free from the usual official vanity. He rather shrank from than courted the official title of Mr President, and generally referred to his office as “this place”, “since I have been in this place” or “since I came here”.

Referring at one time to the apartment reserved in the Capitol for him, he called it “the room, you know, that they call the President’s room.”

Once he pleaded with some old Illinois friends who addressed him as “Mr President”,
“Now call me Lincoln, and I will promise not to tell of the breach of etiquette”.


book shelf

Male and Female author books on the same shelf!!!

Madame de Genlis carried her purity of Manners to such an extent, that she reprimanded the book seller who had the arrangement of her library, for having placed books written by male and female authors on the same shelf.


Boot Polishing Lincoln!


A man came upon Lincoln blacking his boots in the basement of the White House. He expressed astonishment that the President of the United States should be at such a menial task.

“What! Mr. President,” he exclaimed, “are you blacking your own boots?”

“Who else’s should I be blacking?” Lincoln’s laconic reply.


boot polishing


Most Immodest Lady!

When conversation in a company in which Dr Johnson was present had fallen upon rather a delicate topic, one of the ladies, with an expression of great displeasure, rose and left the room.
“That woman”, said the doctor, “is the most immodest of all the company”.


If there is Fire, I first!

F.W.Wile tells how, “Once when a group of Washington newspaper men wanted Secretary of State Hughes to attend a dinner at which a number of first rank foreign statesmen were to be present I was a committee of one to ask him where he wished to be seated at table. That was long before Dollie Gann an Alice Longworth all but caused social civil war in Washington over dinner table precedence. “You need never worry about that in my case”, Hughes said, “The only place I ever want to be first is at a fire!”


Modesty of Principal Cairns

A characteristic story is told of the great Principal Cairns, one of the most simple- minded and humble of men. Attending a great public meeting on one occasion in Edinburgh, which was densely crowded, his appearance on the platform was received with loud cheers. Never imagining that it was for himself, he turned and saw following him a man of diminutive stature, and totally unknown.

Taking him to be the object of popular applause, he stepped aside to let him pass, and as he did so began an enthusiastically to join in the clapping. The act, so characteristic of the man, was received with uproarious delight, and fairly brought down the house.