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A beautiful prayer is in this mantra.

“Let no one hate me. Let me shine like gold”.

And note the adjectives “big and great speed of earth”.

Is it not amazing to see the attributes BIG EARTH, GREAT SPEED?

3000 years ago (date of AV 1000 BCE or before) there was no mobile phone or internet. Not much transport either between two places. And yet the poet describes “Earth! You are Vast and Mighty”.

“Your speed is also mighty”. Now only we know it rotates at the speed of 1000 miles per hour

“Consider the movement of the earth’s surface with respect to the planet’s center. The earth rotates once every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09053 seconds, called the sidereal period, and its circumference is roughly 40,075 kilometers. Thus, the surface of the earth at the equator moves at a speed of 460 meters per second–or roughly 1,000 miles per hour”—Scientific American


“As schoolchildren, we learn that the earth is moving about our sun in a very nearly circular orbit. It covers this route at a speed of nearly 30 kilometers per second, or 67,000 miles per hour. In addition, our solar system–Earth and all–whirls around the center of our galaxy at some 220 kilometers per second, or 490,000 miles per hour. As we consider increasingly large size scales, the speeds involved become absolutely huge”- Scientific American

But this information was not available to anyone a few hundred years ago. Hindu saints knew it through their intuition or observation from space!

And let us continue with the same mantra……

The “Moving and Shaking of the Earth”- The Big Blue Marble!

Though Earthquakes are referred to in later Hindu scriptures and 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature, AV poet also did not miss it.

And look at the beautiful prayer…..


VEDIC SOCIETY WAS VERY RICH. Very rarely we see the word poverty. The reference to gold and golden jewellery are numerous. It was an agricultural society. Tamils wished everyone to live as many years as the number of stars or number of sand particles on the shore or as many as drops of rain. But one AV hymn says “as many as the grains”. It was a pukka agricultural community.


Vedic Hindus were great mathematicians. The whole world agrees that Chatur Anga, now known as Chess, is invented by the Hindus. One saint went to a king and taught this beautiful board game chess. The king was amazed and was ready to offer anything he asked. The Hindu saint smiled at him and said, “Not much, put one grain in square 1 of the chess board and then put 2 grains in square and go on doubling like this until you cover all the 64 squares on the chess board. The king thought that he could do it easily.

On the entire chessboard there would be 264 − 1 = 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 grains of wheat, weighing about 1,199,000,000,000 metric tons. This is about 1,645 times the global production of wheat (729,000,000 metric tons in 2014 and 780.8 million tonnes in 2019).”

No one would have thought it. Hindus were great geniuses. There are many secrets with numbers in the Vedas. Westerners who translated Vedas 150 years ago knew nothing about other fields. So, they ignored the big numbers as fancy numbers with no special meaning.

Now we know they were idiots and not scholars.


Look at the last request of the poet in this mantra…………..


Even God would hesitate to say YES to his request.

Every one of us falls in love with someone without any rhyme or reason. In the same way our boss in the office hates one person for no reason and loves or likes someone else for no reason. An actor known as MGR in Tamil film world was liked by millions of people. All women were after him. But he died without an issue! He even attracted an article in the Readers Digest magazine. Million uneducated, illiterate and educated used to wait all through the night to see him. He never came to the meeting right on time. Everywhere he was stopped by surging crowd. I believe it is due to his previous births as king or a popular emperor. God or a real Guru only can cancel any bad Karma from our previous births.

We are also subject to anger and jealousy. We say something in anger and the reactions follow us as like our own shadow. Hatred develops. One of the great Tamil saints is Ramalinga Swamikal also known as Vallalar of Vadalur. He prays to God Let me not hate anyone. Let others also not hate me. I don’t want to call any one You silly fellow! Dog or ghost (Tamil words rhyme with Chi/Nay/Pey)


Sanskrit words used in this mantra 18 are Mahat , Mahati, Mahaan, Hiranyam/gold, Mahaan Vega /great speed

And the poet concludes saying “such a beautiful earth is protected by UNERRING Inrda/God”.

Everything in the universe go by mathematical calculations. If there is a mistake that is one millionth of a fraction of a second, universes would collapse. Knowing this, poet says UNERRING god (Indra stands for God) protect the earth. It is very true. Space scientists knew this very well. A very small error will send the satellite billions of miles away from the target.

Here is the poem from Vallalar:-

  ஈயென்று நானொருவரிட நின்று கேளாத
        இயல்பு மென்னிட மொருவரீ
        திடுவென்ற போதவர்க் கிலையென்று சொல்லாம
        லிடுகின்ற திறமும் இறையாம்
    நீயென்று மெனைவிடா நிலையும் நானென்று முன்
        னினை விடா நெறியு மயலார்
        நிதியொன்று நயவாத மனமு மெய்ந்நிலை நின்று
        நெகிழாத திடமு முலகில்

    சீயென்று பேயென்று நாயென்று பிறர்தமைத்
        தீங்கு சொல்லாத தெளிவும்

        திரமொன்று வாய்மையும் தூய்மையும் தந்துநின்
        திருவடிக் காளாக்கு வாய்
    தாயொன்று சென்னையிற் கந்தகோட்டத்துள் வளர்
        தலமோங்கு கந்த வேளே
        தண்முகத் துய்யமணி யுண்முகச் சைவமணி
        சண்முகத் தெய்வ மணியே.

To be continued……………………

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Let us continue our detailed analysis of Hymn to Earth (Bhumi Sukta) in the Atharvana Veda (AV)

This is part 2 of Bhumi Sukta Commentary by me

I suggested that it (AV. XII) should be made compulsory to all students in the world. It has a message to appreciate and preserve Mother Earth. Through out the Vedas we see Earth praised as Mother. Greeks stole this idea from us (Gaia). Europe has to wait for 3000 years to get a Wordsworth, but Hindus have not only Bhumi Sukta but also beautiful description of Nature in the oldest book on Earth, the Rig Veda (RV-dated between 4000 and 6000 BCE by B G Tilak and Herman Jacobi). Professor Wilson and Winternitz placed it before 2000 BCE.

Wordsworth began his famous poem on Daffodils with the lines

I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o’er vales and hills

He followed AV in many respects. AV Bhumi Sukta has the lines in its Second Stanza or Mantra

Earth which has many heights, and slopes and

The unconfined plain that binds men together,

Earth that bears plants of various healing powers

May she spread wide for us and thrive.

(Heights and Slopes= Mountains and Valleys; plants with healing powers= Oshadi in Sanskrit)

Origin of Ayurveda is in the RV which even speaks about 107 different herbs. Here we come across Oshadi. We have a proof to support our views. Hanuman brought the Sanjeevini Parvath from the North to Sri Lanka in the South several thousand years ago. The Parvath/Hill full of herbs revived Lakshmana. So we have practical application of herbal treatment in the Hindu Epic Ramayana.

Another Sanskrit word ‘Maanavaanaam’ in the second stanza is worth of our notice. No one can speak English or Tamil without a Sanskrit word even for five minutes. Word MAN is derived from he first man of earth after the Great Deluge, Manu.

This raises another interesting point. Manu and his descendants are mentioned in the Rig Veda itself. So the Great Deluge mentioned in all religious books happened before the Rig Veda.


Let us move to Stanza 3

Earth, in which lie the sea , the river and other waters,

In which food and cornfields have come to be,

In which live all that breathes and that moves,

May she confer on us the finest of her yield.

There are very important words in this third stanza or mantra. Please note the word US. Throughout the Vedas, Hindus pray for the entire humanity. They always say ‘we’ or ‘us’ instead of ‘I’. They prayed in groups. The WE comprise all the four castes which we see in the famous Purusha sukta hymn of RV (10-90)

That is the reason for Indian kings donating vast lands to Brahmins through out South Asia. We see it even in the Mulavarman Inscription of Indonesia. Tamil kings donated huge lands to Brahmins for cultivation

The second point is the geographical knowledge of Vedic Hindus. Earth is always mentioned with the epithet circled with ocean waters or ‘Ocean Dress worn by Mother Earth’. Tamils also followed this in their poems.

Two other points in this stanza are noticeable. Max Muller gang and Marxist gang wrote that Aryans were nomads. But here and in the RV, we see very clear reference to cultivation of food plants and praying for abundant yields. Another matter is talking about all living beings. We see the words Flora and Fauna of every country in the encyclopaedias. In the Second stanza, Flora is mentioned and in the third stanza Fauna is mentioned. Hindus are always conscious of these two things. They always prayed for all living beings. This view is reflected until modern days in the poems o he greatest Tamil poet of modern era Bharatiyar and his predecessor Vallalar Ramalinga Swamikal.

Bharati said that Crows and swallows are our own kins; Vast Ocean and Hills belong to our own group. Vallalar said that he withers away  whenever he saw withering plants. There we see the continuity and unity in thought from the Vedic days.

The crow and sparrow our kin;

One with us mountain and sea

Wherever we glance ourselves a – dance

In a whirl of ecstasy – Subrahmanya Bharati

Sanskrit words Samudra, Sindhu, Annam, Prana and Bhumi are all known to all Indians. That shows Sanskrit is a living language. In the very first mantra we already saw (in this first part of the article) common words such as Sathya, Rta, Tapa, Brahma, Yajna and Deeksha.

Please see the attachments: –


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Oldest and Longest Patriotic Song!



Bhumi Sukta (Ode to Earth) in the Atharva Veda is a beautiful poem with 63 verses; it is a priceless contribution of Atharva Veda to the Vedic literature; this poetry is universal and not local. The earth on which the poet lives opted for Indra and not Vritra, the powers of light and darkness. It shows the crystal clear thinking of Vedic seers. The very first verse in the sukta glorifies the Vedic values of Sathya and Rita, truth and order.

Though the earth is called Pruthvi in Sanskrit throughout  the hymn, we may consider the poet is singing about his own land—the mother land. Some of the modern translations use the word motherland instead of earth. It makes more sense.


One would be wonderstruck to read the world’s oldest and longest patriotic song in the Atharva Veda. Atharva Veda’s date is only conjectural and it was compiled earlier than 1000 BC. It is amazing to find a very long patriotic song in praise of motherland (earth) in the Veda. Greeks have not even started writing their first book then. Tamil’s oldest book came 1000 years after Atharva Veda. Moses started issuing Ten Commandments around that date. In such a remote period Hindu thinking has reached its pinnacle!


Each Vedic hymn is equal to 1000 self improvement books. The Vedic hymns are full of positive thoughts. Through auto suggestion, it makes anyone great. Each hymn gives positive energy to those who chant, to those who hear and those who believe in them. You don’t need to read any book written by Dale Carnegie or Anthony Robbins. If you sit in a group of Vedic pundits and repeat the hymns every day for hours the whole atmosphere will be surcharged with tremendous energy and positive thoughts. That is why ancient Hindu kings appointed Vedic priests in every town, temple and palace who repeated the positive words million times and prayed for the welfare of not only human beings but also animals. This is the highest stage of human thought.


Vedic priests were not primitive nomads. They were highly civilized. No Gilgamesh, Atra Hasis or Ziusudra had such sublime thoughts.

poets of india scan 3

Atharva Veda seers sing about the beauty of earth in general. It will beat all the national anthems of the world. If I give the full version, it will run to several pages. This verse inspired great poets like Bankim Chandra Chatterjee and Bharati. I will give below some of the verses from the hymn on earth/motherland. It is from Kanda 12 of Atharva Veda:

“ Sacred is the earth (motherland). It not only nurtures that which is past and all the objects of the present, it bears the seed of the future as well. Such is our great motherland.

“ Our earth (motherland) is populated with learned men. It is populated by those who are inferior, those who are average and those who are superior. But all such people forget their differences and live together in unity and friendship. This is the land where we will perform deeds and attain fame. This is the land where our intelligence prospers.

4 deers, fb

“ In our motherland can be found enterprising and hard working farmers and artisans. In every direction that one glances, one finds fields of rice, wheat and other grains. Our motherland nourishes different forms of life. It provides us with cows, food grains and other forms of sustenance.

“The famous warriors of yore performed valorous deeds here. In this land the learned and the brave ones conquered the violent demons.


“Our earth/motherland is the nurturer. In it can be found gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds and other gems. Nuggets of gold and all sorts of objects, all forms of vegetation, and all forms of living beings can be found in our motherland. Our motherland is the best country of all.

“ In the beginning, this land was immersed in the water of the ocean. Vast is the expanse of this land. Its heights reach up to heaven.

“ In this land to be found learned mendicants who roam in every direction.  Just as the water attains same level everywhere, these hermits look upon all with equal favour.


“ The Ashvinis look after this land of ours. Brave warriors have measured the length and breadth of our motherland

“O my earth/ Motheland! May the mountains and the snow clad peaks that can be found here NOT bring you unhappiness.

“You are my mother. I am the son of the earth.  The water which rains down and nourishes is my father. My I be preserved.

“ In this land the Vedas are revered in every direction. The righteous ones are worshiped here and the land is uplifted through the performances of sacrifices. Wonderful are the words of wisdom that have been uttered in this land.

“ O my Motherland! All of us are your subjects. May all of us be gifted with sweet speech. May we live together in harmony. May trees and plants grow on you in abundance.


“This land is the mother of all trees, shrubs, plants and creepers. It is here that truth, learning, bravery and righteousness flourish. This land will bring us welfare and happiness. May we always serve our motherland.

“O, Motherland! This is the place where we all live in harmony. May you be great and firm. May brave warriors protest you with their valour and intelligence from enemies. May we be enriched. May we prosper.

bharatmata on lion


May we not cause unhappiness to others when we are travelling on this land.

This is the land where the search for the god is made. This is the land that the god has blessed.

May my motherland grant us the riches that we desire. The inhabitants of this land sing and dance. The cities in my motherland have been built by the gods.

“ O  earth (my Motherland)! Grant us wisdom so that we can ensure our welfare. May we be learned all the time. May we prosper in your midst.


Atharva Veda Kanda 7 also got a hymn on the motherland.

“Heaven is in the motherland. The motherland is our mother. it is our father and son”.

(I have given only half of the verses. It goes on and on about the glory of our holy land. It is full of positive thoughts. It praises nature at length. We must replace our National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana” with the abridged version of this Vedic hymn!!)

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