31 More Quotations from Poet Kalhana (Post No.4948)

31 More Quotations from Poet Kalhana (Post No.4948)



COMPILED by London Swaminathan 


Date: 25 April 2018


Time uploaded in London –  18-05


Post No. 4948


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Kalhana was a minister in Kashmir King Harsha’s (1089-1101) Kingdom. He wrote his epic poem in Sanskrit, Rajatarangini (River of Kings). It gives the history of Kashmir. Lst month I publied 30 quotations from him. Now there are 31 more quotes from Rajatarangini of Kalahana.


FESTVAL DAYS:  May 10-Hanuman Jayanti (Telugu region) ; 28 Vaikasi Visakam in Tamil  temples; Agni nakshatram begins 4 ; 28 ends






Auspicious Days in MAY -2, 4, 6, 7, 13, 20, 25, 27


In the past three years, hundreds of quotations are given in both Tamil and English monthly calendars in my blog. Please use them


May 1 Tuesday
What cannot be accomplished by anyone who disregard s his own limbs and mind?
Such a person is capable of bold enterprise. Rajatarangini 7-1328

May 2 Wednesday
Acquaintance with the use of weapons is common but a strategist is not.

May 3 Thursday
Everyone knows how to use a dart but rarely is one aware of its aim. 7-804

May 4 Friday
She had full breasts curved like a jar and also the excellent hips. She was the embodiment of joy in love as well as in a home.4-18

May 5 Saturday
There is not one action of the cloud which is not beneficial to others, some plants open their blossoms, when lightning flashes through it pains the eyes, others blossom at the roar of thunder which hurts the ears. Nevertheless, the dull witted find in it no other virtue except that of giving of rain 8-1556


May 6 Sunday
When a bold man, after completing his duty, is about to rest, fate imposes on him burdens of New responsibilities- 8-1791

May 7 Monday

Only among ordinary people a thing of surpassing merit becomes celebrity. Who can lure the attention of the mighty to such superb objects? 4-254
May 8 Tuesday
If a tree which protect s a river bank collapse s in a flood, the creeper which lives on it, will surely follow suit.8-3250

May 9 Wednesday
What is intended for protection may, through a stroke of fate, cause destruction.-7-804


May 10 Thursday
Providence by burning the thin grass produces the thick verdure. After a day of acute warmth, it rains.8-1790



May 11 Friday
In spite of constant reconciliations, enmity, even though allayed, repeatedly enters the heart just as a wet garment, in spite of its being repaired, is often torn .7-384

May 12 Saturday
The heroic think an object attainable by courage, the timid by caution; otherwise between them there could be little difference. 6-363

May 13 Sunday
Danger causes sudden alarm but not when one in the midst of it . Water is chill when it is poured on one’s head but not when one is sunk in it.-8-1097

May 14 Monday

A man will not be slain even by a stroke of  lightning before his time but one who has reached his allotted span might die even from a flower 8-531


May 15 Tuesday

Fortune which merchants obtain by misappropriation of deposits, which courtesans get by deceiving their lovers, or princes through treason, is after all impermanent. 4-181

Fortune moving about unsteadily, like the lightning playing in the sky, always follow s the cloud of destiny . With whom does it abide permanently? 8-1896

When extraordinary good fortune of overwhelming glory comes to a man, retreating misfortune increases the power of its sorrows.7-795

Fate grants fortune to that person whom those who think themselves wise, persist in considering as unfit 8-491

Fortune like a prostitute daubed with a magic powder conquers even the strong minded, making them unlawful- 8-189

May 16 Wednesday
Every great person finally meets with humiliating defeat just if he was a common man. Who then could proudly think I am great 8-335
May 17 Thursday

By dependent on others, even an animal’s spirit is hurt 7-72

May 18 Friday
Destiny can be opposite if and when jackals victoriously control a lion 8-1470
The mighty are cheated by the infirm and those who hold all might in their control, are deluded by the power less 7-959
Who else like him had his head cremated in one place and the rest of his body in another? 8-1473
May 19 Saturday

Devotion to one’s sovereign does not change in honest men till they die 7-1322

May 20 Sunday

The diamond is not cut by any other precious stone but on the contrary it cuts them. 4-51


May 21 Monday
Let those who know diploma cy recommend to a different occasion either subservience or when expedient the discharge of duty. 8-691

In contentious transactions virtuous conduct is revealed by speech alone

May 22 Tuesday

The great for a few favour s give much of their own. 3-276

None is great except the greedy, in doing good to others 7-502

The reputation of the great does not by any means conform to their birth place.4-41
May 23 Wednesday

The earth has been preordained for enjoyment of the valiant. 7-1288

May 24 Thursday

The ocean is not warmed by the submarine fire nor does it cold by the snow s of the Himalayas when they enter it. Men of unruffled mind display equanimity either in dejection or exultation 8-2666
May 25 Friday

In giving births, parents confer their only favour on their offspring but the sovereign does on all occasions 8-694

May 26 Saturday
In the course of daring ventures. It is not surprising if, through providence, a hundred thousand are vanquished by a single man or a single person by a hundred thousand .7-1499

May 27 Sunday
If the banks of rivers will only smell of a lion, to elephants they will seem as though they are on fire 8-3013

May 28 Monday

Fools who depend on cheap recognition and move about every where thoughtlessly like beasts deserve to be scorned. 8-215

May 29 Tuesday

The lightning of prosperity, the crane of celebrity, the thunder of boldness, and the rainbow of prowess, follow the cloud of prudence. 7-1455



May 30 Wednesday

What fragrance can a multitude of flower garlands bring to one, whose life has passed away? That is what natural beauty and glory of things mean to a fool. 4-501

May 31 Thursday

Good luck
Good luck will not be impoverished 7-1044


30 Beautiful Quotations from Kalhana’s Rajatarangini( Post No.4856)

April 2018 ‘Good Thoughts’ Calendar

COMPILED by London Swaminathan 


Date: 27 MARCH 2018


Time uploaded in London –  17-30


Post No. 4856


Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks. Pictures may be subject to copyright laws.




Kalhana was a minister in Kashmir King Harsha’s (1089-1101) Kingdom. He wrote his epic poem in Sanskrit, Rajatarangini (River of Kings). It gives the history of Kashmir









Auspicious Days in APRIL-  5, 20, 22,25, 27


In the past three years, hundreds of quotations are given in both Tamil and English monthly calendars in my blog. Please use them


April 1 Sunday

A lost opportunity is considered equivalent to the three worlds. RAJATARANGINI 8-2457
April 2 Monday
By going against a stream, one cannot succeed in accomplishing a matter which takes away what comes in its wake like the current of a river 8-3010
April 3 Tuesday
In the cases of the hearts of a king, a crystal and an unchaste woman, in the absence of their constant companions, there enters a passion for another. 6-33
April 4 Wednesday
An enterprise if crowned with success is not equally condemned by the people for they  hardly think whether or not it was justified by its relevant conditions 7-1422


April 5 Thursday
In the ways of the creator, perversity is shown indeed 8-1275

April 6 Friday
There is none, who has not a good plan but its execution is neglected. Every one may know how to use a dart but rare is one who has the aim for it. 8-1529
April 7 Saturday
Whoever devises a plot to harm others certainly ruins himself from that same plot. Fire produces smoke which blinds the eyes. After turning into a cloud, it extinguishes the very fire by its torrential rain 4-125


April 8 Sunday
If the poet didn’t perceive what he is to reveal to all men, what other proof would there be of his divinity 1-5

April 9 Monday
Every one is aware of polity but few know its practical application 8-1529

April 10 Tuesday
As possessions are controlled by fate, the pride of foolish people in their family greatness is vain and false 7-206

April 11 Wednesday
No metals can break a diamond and stone dykes can withstand the waters, but against the wicked, nothing is proof 6-273
April 12 Thursday
Men of small merits hardly survive long in their good fortune 8-1999
April 13 Friday
The heat of summer becomes severe when rains approach and nights darkness when the dawn is close. Likewise, when extraordinary good fortune of surpassing glory dawn s for a person, receding Ill-luck accelerates the violence of its woes. 7-795

April 14 Saturday
What wrath recommended, prudence forbade. 8-1359
April 15 Sunday
Can a lion in a picture emulate the activities of the real one? 7-60


April 16 Monday
When the dignity of honourable men is outraged by a slight which cannot be remedied, their minds are tormented. What other refuge can they have except death? 6-278
April 17 Tuesday
What refuge other than death is possible now? To us, who have forsaken the battle, even that is not possible. 7-847
April 18 Wednesday
It is futile to regret what one has done, right or wrong. 7-502

April 19 Thursday
Against sedition there is no remedy 7-913
April 20 Friday

The splendour which clings to men who shine for a brief moment like stars, passes away like a short summer night.7-133


April 21 Saturday
That the clouds send down on the trees rain as well as lightning is the consequence of retribution for good or evil actions of a former existence. 7-342

April 22 Sunday
The rivulets waxing powerful feed the earth at its roots from the heavens showers fall and from all sides through the mouths of the channels the water courses through, filling a tank during the rainy season. When good fortune smiles, why will not riches come in hundred ways? 7-505


April 23 Monday
Those who long for the acquisition of wealth have truly no dislike for evil practices 8-1099
April 24 Tuesday
Self- respect
The renunciation of self -respect cannot be eradicated even by a sage. 7-238

April 25 Wednesday
Self -respect
Men of honour should never break the great word of keeping their self -respect. 7-329

April 26 Thursday

One who clasps a spark mistaking it for a gem only burns his fingers. 4-299

April 27 Friday
A servant not trusted at a critical moment, brings disaster on his master like a hand sword in a struggle. 7-1160
April 28 Saturday
In truth the service of the kings is more dangerous than the raising of a demon, the leap over a precipice, the chewing of poison or fondling of a snake 8-2187


April 29 Sunday
Even a little mischief, if repeated without skill, breaks out again and again through a hundred openings just as an old piece of cloth as when stitched with a needle.
April 30 Monday
Sleep ,like a sweet heart left me in a huff and went somewhere far away. The night, like land bestowed on an unworthy person, is not yet over. 3-181


Ramayana cures Curses! Rajatarangini Episode! (Post No.3754)

Written by London swaminathan


Date: 24 March 2017


Time uploaded in London:- 21-58


Post No. 3754


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Kalhana, author-poet-historian of Kashmir, in his book gives an interesting anecdote about Ramayana in his book Rajatarangini.

From First Taranga of Rajatarangini:–


“Then Damodara (Damodara II) who was either descended from the House of Asoka or was born in some other dynasty, protected the land as the king.

“Highly resplendent with material resources was the king who was the crest jewel of Siva worshippers, and one hears of his spiritual power even to this day as a marvel of the world.

“Like Kubera this foremost among kings held under his own sway the Guhyakas; by ordering them he built the extensive dam at Gudda.

“When a lofty minded man is about to do some remarkably beneficent act, alas! impediments arise owing to the meagreness of the past merits of men.


“For he had tried with the help of Yakshas to build in his kingdom extensive dykes of stone to mitigate the havorc of inundations.

Spiritual Power of the Brahmins

“The spiritual power of the austerities of Brahmans of radiant enlightenment is unfathomable, since it could reverse the fortune of even such as he was.


“The prosperity of kings when destroyed by the forces of kinsmen and other rivals one has seen restored once more; it has no chance of being re-established if lost through disregard of the Brahmans.

“When he had risen to bathe to perform the  Sraaddha Ceremony (oblations to the departed souls), the king was requested by some hungry Brahmins, on one occasion, before he had taken his bath, to give them food.

“Desirous of proceeding to Vitasta (river) when he ignored this, they, by their spiritual power, then placed that river in front of him—‘Behold! here is Vitasta; now feed us. Even though addressed in this wise, he perceived that the production of the river was a delusion.


“I shall not offer food without bathing, O Brahmins!move on now for the time being; when they had been thus addressed by him, they cursed him as follows: May you become a snake.”


“Your sin will be atoned by listening in one single day to the whole of the Ramayana – thus they declared after they had been placated.

“In Damodara Suda, wandering fa through thirst, by the vapour of his breath, which is hot in consequence of the curse, he is recognised by the people even today.

“Then there ruled in this very land the founders of cities called after their appellations, the three kings named Huska,Juska and Kanishka”.

—-Chapter 1/ First Taranga of Rajatarangini

Ramayana was popular even before 2000 years from the Southernmost tip Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Even 2000 yeal old Tamil Sangam Literature (Purananuru) has verses containing Rama’s stories!


We have 3000 different versions of Ramayana, spreading over a vast geographical area up to Indonesia, Thailand and China.


We have continuous production of Ramayana for over 2000 years. No other epic was treated that way.

Added together all the Ramayanas will run into millions of lines.

Ramayana was composed in more languages than any other language.

Ramayana is called Adi Kavya (the first classic in the world); Soka (sadness) turned into Sloka (Sanskrit couplets);

When Valmiki saw, a hunter shooting down one of the two love birds, he felt sad (Soka) and burst into poetry (sloka).

Ramayana has over 3400 similes. Grand message in simple Sanskrit!

Ramayana was the epic done by all the oriental religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.


Eastern and Western View of Women (Post No. 3486)

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 26 December 2016


Time uploaded in London:-  14-57


Post No.3486



Pictures are taken from different sources; thanks.



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There is good and bad said about women in all the literatures of the world. To take one quotation out of context and interpret it as the author’s view about women is wrong. There are lots of praise for women in the Vedic mantras  (Marriage Hymns); in the Upanishads they are shown as spiritually inclined; in the Hindu epics Draupadi, Savitri, Sita and others are shown as intelligent women. When it came to Kaikeyi, Tadaka and Surphanakha we see diametrically opposite views. It is same in Tamil literature as well. When the poets sing about young women they praise their beauty. When the same women are shown as concubines or harlots they are condemned. As Mothers, they command the highest respect in Hindu literature, which is not seen in any other ancient literature. If we consider the Vedic age they command more praise and respect than any other period (Please see my earlier posts on Manu and others on women)



The lock is opened by the hand

And good mind by the intellect;

It is tune that opens he song

And women the home of delight–Tamil Poet Bharati


It is mother’s milk that gives us strength

While the wife’s kind words reap our harvest of fame

As women’s blessedness blasts all evil,

let us rejoice with linked hands.

Blow the conch! Dance in joy!

For woman is sweeter than life itself.

She the protectress of life, and creatrix too;

She is the life of our life, and the soul of sweetness


We will grow lofty by dint of merit;

we will rub off the old stigmas;

if men take us fully as their equals Attributing nought of defects to us

We will join them and labour in the fight

To win back our nation and retrieve –Tamil Poet Bharati


Gone are the days who said to woman: Thou shall not

Open the Book of Knowledge

And the strange ones who boasted saying:

We will immure these women in our homes

Today they hang down their heads–Tamil Poet Bharati


Thou to me the flowing Light

And I to thee the discerning sight

Honeyed blossom thou to me

Bee enchanted I to thee

O Heavenly Lamp with shining ray

P Krishna, love, O nectar-sparay

With faltering tongue and words that pant

Thy glories here I strive to chant

–Tamil Poet Bharati




O woman, woman, when to ill thy mind

Is bent all hell contains no fouler fiend – The Odyssey, XI


For since of womankind so few are just

Think all are false, nor even the faithful trust– The Odyssey XI



The time for trusting women’s gone forever!- The Odyssey XI

A man shall walk behind a lion rather than behind a woman- Babylonian Talmud

And I find more bitter than death the women, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands – Ecclesiastes XXV-19


Women are the gate of hell – St Jerome

Nothing is  worse than a woman, even a good one – Menander

Women have no souls – Lewis Wager





Down from the waist they are Centaurs

Though women all above;

But to the girdle do the gods inherit

Beneath is all the fiends

There is hell, there is darkness, there is sulphrous pit

Burning, scalding, stench, consumption;

Fie, fie, puh, pah

Give me an ounce of civet, good Apothecary,

to sweeten my imagination there is money for thee

-King Lear Act 4, Scene 6


age cannot wither her, nor custom stale

Her infinite variety; other women cloy

The appetites they feed, but she makes hungry

Where most she satisfies; for vilest things

Become themselves in her, that the holy priests

Bless her when she is riggish

–Antony and Cleopatra Act 2, Scene 2



O peafowl like woman adorned with garlands

Of bourgeoning flowers, the one that just now

Quested for you, had gone away; compose yourself.

If you earn for me I will kick you on your hips

And if I think of you, you kick me – Pattinathar, Tamil saint





For, a woman who has sold her soul for love, reveals the changed attitude (towards her husband), due to the orgy of the demon of unchastity -Rajatarangini 3-501

O these wretched women, pursuers of physical love, barren of thought, by whom men are soon hurled downward-Rajatarangini 3-513

Women being quick-witted analyse, at the same time while they are lamenting, their altered position and sons even while they are by the side of the funeral pyre discuss the material and moral condition-Rajatarangini 7-734


Thou to me the Harp of Gold

And I do thee the finger bold;

Necklace shining thou to me

New-set diamond I to thee;

O mighty queen with splendour rife

O Krishna, Love, O well of life

Thine eyes do shed their light on all

Wherever turn, their beams do fall

–Tamil Poet Bharati

Bharati’s poems are translated by several scholars and published by Tamil University, Thanjavur










Kaliyuga Calculation: Kalhana’s Blunder!


Research Article written by london swaminathan

Post No: 1574: Dated 14th January 2015


Most of the Hindu Puranas and Panchangs state that the Kaliyuga began in 3101 BCE. But Kalhana who wrote Rajatarangini says that it began in 2448 BCE.


He says in the frist Canto of Rajatarangini,


“In Kali Era Gonanda and other kings ruled in Kashmir for 2268 years. Some have been deluded by the tradition that the Mahabharata had taken place at the end of Dwapara and had erroneously made the calculation of time”.


“When the number of years of the kings is calculated, the period of whose sovereignty is known, after deducting them, there is no remainder left of the period hitherto passed of Kali itself as follows:


“When 653 Kali  of Kali had elapsed there lived on the surface of the earth the Kauravas and Pandavas”

“Of the Laukika era in the 24th year at present 1070 years of Saka era have gone by” — Rajatarangini , Canto 1, Slokas 48-52


Then Kalhana explains the basis for his calculations. He quotes Brhat Samhita and says the Great Bear (Saptarsi Mandala) stood at Magha Nakshatra when Yudhistra ruled; i.e 2526 years  prior to Saka era  was the epoch of his reign.


He adds that Kasmiri king Gonanda and Jarasandha of Mahabharata were contemporaries


Kalhana’s calculation is as follows:


Number of years of Kaliyuga — 4224

Regnal Period from Gonanda I to Yudhistra I –2268


Regnal Period of Kings mentioned in Cantos 2 to 8 – 1328

Kali years up to Pandavas or Kashmir King Gonanda — 653 years

According to Kalhana’s calculation Mahabharata war took place in  2448 BCE i.e a difference of 653 years. Traditional date is around 3101 BCE.


In some places Kalhana asdds 100 years of Kali Sandhya (interval between two Yugas) and shows a difference of 753 years.


D R Mankad in his Puranic Chronology says that there were two schools of thought regarding the Date of Mahabharata war or Kaliyuga.


Mankad points out that many Purana writers or historians did not calculate the Kingless (Arajaka) periods. He says that there were three Kingless periods in Indian history:


Between Mahananda and Mahapadma Nandas – 350 years

Between Mauryas and Sungas — 300 years

Between Sungas and Kanwas –  120 years


A total of 770 years


So the total between Parikshit and Mahapadma Nanda differes from 1150 years to 1500 years i.e. kingless period between Sisunagas and Nandas


When scholars calculated average years of rule for each king, the figure was big because they did not realise there was a kingless period.


Even in Tamil History there is a dark period known as Kalabhra Period. Immdeitely after the Sangam age, Kalabhras from Karnataka came and there was no record of who ruled when. Only from legends like Periyapurana we come to know that Murthy Nayanar was chosen as a King by an Elephant after a chaotic period. The elephant is sent with a garland and whoever it garlands  will be chosen as the king. Karikal Chola, Murthy Nayanar and a few others were chosen as kings by elephant garlanding like Swayamvaram, where a princess garlands a king who she likes.


The blunders in Indian history happened because, historians or Puranic writers forgot to mention or calculate the King-less periods (Arajaka)


Ramayana, Mahabharata and Arthasastra speak of King-less periods.That means it existed in those days.


The second blunder was due to take ceratin names as one person. Vaisstha, Visvamitra, Bharadwaja are mentioned in a course of 500 to 700 years. They ontinued as Kula Gurus for several generations. It was only a clan name, surname.


There were three Krishnas, Three Ramas, Two Ravanas , Four Dasarathas and three Arjunas mentioned in the Puranas. In course of time, people forgot the history and merged all in to one resulting in great confusion.In Tamil we have several kings with the names Adityas, Maravarman, Jatavarman, Kuttuvan etc. They are all sur names or titles. In Tamil there were at least 3 to 6 Avvaiyars, who was a great poetess. Like foreigners confused every one wih the name Indra which is a title like Prime Minister, Chief Minister etc.


Indian history must be re written taking all these points into consideration.

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