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Rig Veda (RV) is the oldest book in the world dated between 6000 BCE and 1500 BCE. Scholars say it should have taken at least 500 years ‘to compose’ them or ‘put together’ in the present form. That means we must give the oldest part  of it 2000 BCE if we accept 1500 BCE as the date of RV. But Hindu Panchangas (almanacs) are crystal clear about the date of Veda Vyasa and they give him 3150 BCE. That means Vedas are in current form for at least 5000 years. Vyasa was the saint who divided Vedas into four and entrusted them to four of his disciples.

God is called Doctor and Medicine in the Rig Veda. Though mantras dealing with all Vedic Gods associate them with medicine and cure, Rudra commands the highest position in the field of Medicine. He was called Bhisak/ Doctor and Bhesajam/Medicine. Later we come across Dhanvantri, the Father of Medicine. We should call him the ‘father of MODERN medicine’. He is considered as Vishnu or his Avatar. Hindus call any one with some Divine Qualities an Avatar/incarnation of God.

Tamil poet Valluvan also confirms it in his Kural couplet 50. Tiru Valluvar (Valluvan) justifies all the 10 to 24 Avatars of Vishnu by this couplet. So Dhanvantri is Vishnu.

The words BHESAJAM and BHISAK occur in Vishnu Sahasranama as well. But there they mention the birth and death cycle as disease and God is described the physician who cures that disease. Later Tamil and Sanskrit poets use this concept throughout their devotional literature. One Sangam Tamil poet extended this to a philanthropist and called him ‘You are the Physician who cures the disease called Hunger’. This is in 2000 year old poem. But the same Vishnu Sahasranama called God as Vaidya (doctor) and Oshadi (herbal medicine).

All these show the concern of Hindus regarding one’s health, whether it is spiritual, mental or physical.

But if we go by the number of references to Doctor and Medicine then Rudra comes first. Rudra is Lord Siva. 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature confirms it. Like Rig Veda Tamils never used SIVA until sixth century CE for Rudra. They used only his attributes such as Three Eyed, Blue Necked etc. In the same way Three Eyed -Trayambaka is in Rig Veda; Siva/auspicious as adjective is also in the Rig Veda.


References to Rudra in the Vedas

Yajur Veda (YV) has a part called Rudram-Chamakam. That is recited by all orthodox Saivite Hindus every day. The priests use it during Abishek of idols in all Siva Temples. Most sacred mantra OM NAMA SIVAYA and Trayambaka Mantra occur in it. God is praised as Bhesajam and Bhisak in it. But RV is older than YV.

Let us look at some of the mantras where physician and medicine occur in RV:-

1-43-2- Rudra’s medicines

1-43-4-Rudra, the possessor of healing remedies. Prayer for health and wealth.


Yajur Veda -Vajasaneyi Samhita 16-48; Taittriya samhita5-10-1

Prayer to Rudra for men and beasts to be prosperous and free from disease.

2    Prayer to obtain what health and wealth father

Manu acquired

5  Rudra carries in his hands the best remedies.

7  Prayer not to kill he old men, boys, fathers, mothers, adults, foetus, and our bodies.

8   Prayer not to kill our sons, grand sons, and men, cows ad horses.


May we increase in offering O Rudra

2   Prayer  for 100 years of life by Rudra’s blissful medicines. Put away far from us  sickness in all directions.

One YV mantra mentioned  Rudra has 1000 remedies.


Maruts and Medicine

Maruts /wind are considered sons of Rudra; he also has link   with medicine. Here are some RV references to Maruts and Medicine

RV 2-33-13

O Maruts, those pure medicines of yours.

RV 5-53-14

You shower down health and wealth, water and medicine, O Maruts.

RV 8-20-3

O bounteous Maruts, bring us some of your

Marut medicines


Whatever medicine there is on the

Sindhu , on the Askini , in the seas, on the mountains.



The man who offers gifts  to the Maruts , gains health and wealth, blessed with offspring.

This is not comprehensive. There are many more mantras linking Siva and Maruts with medicine. In addition we have other gods associated with medicine and medicine men. There are hundreds of mantras where Soma, herbs and Amrita are praised.


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Water is Medicine : Quotations from the Atharvana Veda! (Post no.10,495)


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January 2022 Good Thoughts Calendar

Festival Days- January 13 -Bogi Pandikai,14- Pongal/Makara Sankranti, 15- Cattle Pongal; 16-Tiruvalluvar day/Kanum Pongal,  18-Thai Pusam, Vadalur Jothi Dharsanam,22- Thiagaraja Aradhana, 23– Seshadri Swamikal Jayanti, 26 Republic Day, 31-Thai Amavasai

Full moon Day/ Purnima -Jan.17; New Moon day/Amavasya – Jan.2, 31; Ekadasi Fasting Days- 13, 28

Auspicious Day- 20

31 Quotations from the Atharvana Veda


January 1 Saturday

May now Vāchaspati assign to me the strength and powers of
  those  who, wearing every shape and form, the triple seven, are
   wandering round. AV- 1-1-1


January 2 Sunday

Come you again, Vāchaspati, come with divine intelligence.
  Vasoshpati, repose you here. In me be Knowledge, yes, in me AV.1-1-2


January 3 Monday

I call the Waters, Goddesses, hitherward where our cattle
  The streams must share the sacrifice.
Amrit is in the Waters, in the Waters balm.AV.1.4.3/4


January 4 Tuesday

You, Waters, truly bring us bliss: so help us to strength and
   power  That we may look on great delight
. AV 1-5-1


January 5 Wednesday
Here grant to us a share of dew, that most auspicious dew of
   yours, Like mothers in their longing love. AV 1-5-2


January 6 Thursday

The Waters be to us for drink, Goddesses, for our aid and
  Let them stream health and wealth to us. – AV.1- 6- 1


January 7 Friday

Within the Waters—Soma thus hath told me—dwell all balms
   that heal
, And Agni, he who bless all. – AV.1- 6- 2


January 8 Saturday
O Waters, teem with medicine to keep my body safe from harm,
  So that I long may see the Sun.
AV.1- 6- 3


January 9 Sunday
The Waters bless us, all that rise in desert lands or marshy

  Bless us the Waters dug from earth, bless us the Waters brought
   in jars, bless us the Waters of the Rains! -AV.1- 6- 4


January 10 Monday

May Indra, Pūshan, Varuna, Mitra, Agni, benignant Gods,
   maintain this man in riches.
  May the Ādityas and the Visve Devas set and support him in
   most supreme lustre. AV.1-9-1


January 11 Tuesday
May light, O Gods, be under his dominion, Agni, the Sun, all;
   that is bright and golden.
  Prostrate beneath our feet his foes and rivals. Uplift him to the.
   loftiest cope of heaven. AV.1-9-2


January 12 Wednesday
Whatever falsehood you have told, much evil spoken with the
  I liberate you from the noose of Varuna the righteous King. AV 1-10-3


January 13 Thursday

I free you from Vaisvānara, from the great surging flood of sin.
  Call you your brothers, Awful One! and pay attention to our
   prayer. AV 1-10-4


January 14 Friday

Four are the regions of the sky, and four the regions of the
  The Gods have brought the babe; let them prepare the woman
   for the birth. AV 1-11-2


January 15 Saturday

Well be it with my upper frame, well be it with my lower parts.
  With my four limbs let it be well. Let all my body be in health
. AV 1-12-4


January 16 Sunday

Homage to you, the Lightning’s flash, homage to you, the
  Thunder’s roar!
  Homage to you, the Stone which you hurl against the
   undevoted! AV 1-13-1


January 17 Monday
Homage to ou, Child of the Flood whence you collect fer-
   vent heat!
  Be gracious to our bodies, give our children happiness and
. AV.1-13-2


January 18 Tuesday

Lord of the clans, giver of bliss, fiend-slayer, mighty o’er the
  May Indra, Soma-drinker, go before us, Bull, who brings us
   peace. AV 1-21-1


January 19 Wednesday
Indra, subdue our enemies, lay low the men who fight with

  Down into nether darkness send the man who shows us enmity: AV 1-21-2


January 20 Thursday

Strike down the fiend, strike down the foes, break you asunder
  Vritra’s jaws.
  O Indra, Vritra-slayer, quell the wrath of the assailing foe. : AV 1-21-3


January 21 Friday

  Grant us your great protection
; keep his deadly weapon far
   away. AV 1-21-4


January 22 Saturday

Further us rightly, favour you our bodies with your gracious love.
  Give (you) our children happiness.AV.1-26-4


January 23 Sunday 29

With that victorious Amulet which strengthened Indra’s power-
   and might
  Do you, O Brāhmanaspati, increase our strength for kingly
   sway. AV.1-29-1


January 24 Monday

Slayer of rivals, vanquisher, may that victorious Amulet
  Be bound on me for regal sway and conquest of my enemies
. AV 1-29.4


January 25 Tuesday
Yon Sun hath mounted up on high, and this my word hath
   mounted up
  That I may smite my foes and be slayer of rivals, rival less. AV.1.29.5


January 26 Wednesday

Guard and protect this man, all Gods and Vasus. Over him keep-
   ye watch and ward, Ādityas.

  Let not death reach him from the hands of brothers from hands
   of aliens, or of human beings.AV.1-3-1


January 27 Thursday

Listen, one-minded, to the word I, utter, the sons, O Gods,
   among you, and the fathers!
  I trust this man to all of you: preserve him happily, and to
   length of days conduct him


January 28 Friday
All Gods who dwell on earth or in the heavens, in air, within.
   the plants, the beasts, the waters,
  Grant this man life to full old age, and let him escape the
   hundred other ways of dying
. AV.1.30.3

January 29 Saturday

You, Guardians of the regions, Gods who keep the quarters of
   the heavens,
  Rescue and free us from the bonds of Nirriti, from grief and
   woe! -AV. 1-31-2


January 30 Sunday

Well be it with our mother and our father, well be it with our
   cows, and beasts, and people.
  Ours be all happy fortune, grace, and favour. Long, very long
   may we behold the sunlight.
-AV. 1-31-4


January 31 Monday

Homage to the supreme Brahman

Of whom the sun is the eye,

And the moon that becomes new again and again,

And who has made Agni his mouth – AV.10-7-33



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Written by London Swaminathan

Date: 13 OCTOBER 2019
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Kashmir is known for its saffron cultivation. Chinese writers say that Kashmir is the home of saffron. Hindus use this in the worship of their gods and goddesses. Pregnant women also use it in their drinks, particularly milk. They believed that the children born to them will be healthy and fair. Latest researches show the benefits of such use. It is a medicine to cure hyperactivity of children.

Latest research in Tehran (Iran) University gives the result:-

NEW YORK—Saffron capsules appear to be as effective as methylphenidate for treating children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), researchers from Iran report.

“My research group at Roozbeh Psychiatric Hospital has worked on the psychotropic effects of saffron since early 2000, and we have documented the antidepressant effects of saffron,” Dr. Shahin Akhondzadeh from Tehran University of Medical Sciences told Reuters Health by email.

“On the other hand, many antidepressants have been used as alternative for stimulants in patients with ADHD that cannot tolerate Ritalin (methylphenidate) or do not respond to Ritalin. Therefore, from this preliminary study, the main point is that we can consider saffron just as an alternative in the above mentioned patients,” he said.

Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) and its active constituents are thought to increase the reuptake inhibition of dopamine and norepinephrine and are NMDA-receptor antagonists and GABA-alpha agonists.

Leaving the medical jargon to one side, we can safely say that it boosts one’s mental power and cures depression.

Other interesting facts about saffron are:-

Saffron is seen 50,000 year old cave paintings in Iraq. It is seen in ancient Greek legend.

Alexander the Great used it to heal his wounds.

Cleopatra bathed in it.

It was spread along the streets in advance of Nero’s (Roman emperor 37-68 CE) entry to Rome.

Sumerians used it in magical potions.

King Solomon revered it in love poetry.

Plague sufferers coveted it.

Pirates stole it.

14 week war broke out between Austria and Basel over saffron in 1374 after nervous nobles seized vast quantities of saffron from a rising merchant class.

Saffron is extracted from flower stamens of Crocus sativus plant. Iran, Spain, Afghanistan, Italy and India grow saffron.

It is one of the most expensive spices.

Indians use it in milk and drinks. But westerners use it in buns and cooked foods such as saffron Risotto.

Golden brown saffron buns are traditionally served in Scandinavian countries on St Lucia day.

Saffron plays an important role in the food traditions of Mediterranean region.

Latest Costco magazine has given saffron recipes. Saffron is made from dried stigmata and styles, known as threads, hand harvested from the delicate saffron flowers.

Crocus sativus (saffron plant) is an autumn flowering plant. The etymology and the place of origin are not certain. Crete, Iran and India are considered as the place of origin. Though it has been used for thousands of years the name saffron is attributed to Arabic or Latin. Now Iran generates 94 percent of global supplies. Kashmir (India), Spain, Greece and Morocco are the next largest suppliers.

A good gatherer harvests 1000 flowers per hour. We need over one lakh flowers to make one kilo of saffron. There are over 150 volatile chemicals in the flower. Saffron has only three stamens in one flower. So one can easily differentiate saffron from other similar coloured flowers.

Though there are different types of crocus flowers  , crocus sativus is the only one used as spice.

Source – Costco magazine and gardening magazine, U.K.


Mantra and Medical Prescription (Post No.5439)

Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 17  September 2018


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Post No. 5439

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A doctor met a saint and asked whether he could learn Mantras from the websites or You Tube.

The saint said ‘No’.

Next, the doctor asked whether anyone one could recite a Mantra .

The saint said ‘No’.

Expecting at least one ‘Yes’ answer from the saint he quizzed him more.

“Can anyone teach Mantra to another person?”

The saint patiently, but firmly said ‘No’.

“Okay, suppose I put saffron cloth on me tomorrow, can I do all the above things?”

The saint smilingly said a big ‘No’ and then interrupted him, when he was about to ask more questions.

The saint said, “please wait, I wanted to ask you a few questions. Please answer them truthfully”.
Doctor was very happy when he heard it.
“At last the saint has recognised me”, he thought.

“Ok now it is my turn,” the saint started bombarding him with some questions

“Can I give a medical prescription, I mean allopathic medicines, by looking at websites?:

Doctor was surprised to get such a stupid question from a leaned Saint .

Doctor said,
“Oh Swamiji, Dont you know that it is against law and moreover dangerous?”

“Hang on, I am ready to learn from social media and websites.

Can I treat my disciples with allopathic medicines?”

“Oh, Swamiji, unless a medically qualified person prescribes it, you can’t treat any one with the medicines that you get from any Tom Dick and Harry”
‘Why?’ asked the saint.

“Each patient is different.
You have to know his/her case history, ethnicity
age, weight, height, sex, his/her other medications
Whether s/he is allergic to any substance etc


“Ok, ok. Now I understand. If I put on a white coat and a stethoscope around my neck and behave like a doctor, can I do all the above things?”

“Swamiji!  I am shocked to hear such things from you.

How is it possible ? Certain medicines have very serious side effects which may result in serious consequences. Every medicine bottle or carton have a long list of side effects. Don’t you know all these things? People may even abuse certain things”.

“You need to study for at least five years and practise as a house surgeon for a while and then practise under the supervision of experienced seniors. It is like a lawyer practising like a junior in a legal office”.

Swamiji felt very happy when he heard that. “It is good that you said all the things necessary to become a good doctor”.

“That is exactly an ascetic also does. After several years of penance and learning scriptures, he goes to a senior Guru, who watches him for several years and then teaches certain Mantras . He
also looks at various things before doing that . Like you take into account the ethnicity, age, sex, height, weight, previous medications, allergy factors, family history of certain illnesses, we also look at various factors before teaching Mantras. Like you don’t like people practising medicine via website and social media knowledge we also don’t like people learning secret Mantras from websites.”

Like certain medicines are available over the counter without prescription for headaches, cough, cold etc. we also have simple hymns and Bhajan songs which you can learn from any one”.

“Earlier you beautifully explained the side effects and abuse of medications. Mantras also have side effects if they are wrongly used or mispronounced. If someone like Ravana or Pasmasura gets it  may be abused”

“In short, a saint’s work is similar to the work of a doctor”.


The doctor was convinced with his answer and made a big salute to hime and let with ‘prasad’.


Melancholy Anecdotes (Post No. 2822)

grimaldi picture

Compiled  by London swaminathan

Date: 18 May 2016

Post No. 2822

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Melancholy = feeling of sadness

I am Grimaldi !


A patient suffering from profound melancholy one day presented himself to Abernathy. After careful examination the celebrated practitioner said, “You need amusement, go and hear the comedian Grimaldi, he will make you laugh, and that will be better for you than any drugs.

“My God”, exclaimed the invalid, “I am Grimaldi!”


Money is Medicine!!

Dr Goldsmith, having been requested by a woman to visit her husband who was melancholy, called upon the patient and told him that he would send some pills which he had no doubt would prove efficacious. He immediately went home, put ten guineas into a chip, and sent them to the sick man. The remedy had the desired effect.



philip of spain

Music is Medicine!!!

Philip of Spain was in such a deplorable state of despondency from ill health, that he refused to be shaved. On the arrival of the famous singer Farinelli, the queen ordered a concert in a room adjoining the Kings chamber.  Farinelli sang one of his best airs, which so overcame the King that he desired he might be brought into his presence, when he promised to grant him any reasonable request he might make. The performer, in the most respectful manner, then begged of the King to allow himself to be shaved to which request Philip graciously consented.







Laughter is the Best Medicine

Compiled someone who is intelligent!
Post No.1116; Dated 18th June 2014.

color siri 1


I would have given him 100% for his wit!!!

Q1. In which battle did Napoleon die?
* his last battle

Q2. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
* at the bottom of the page

Q3. River Ravi flows in which state?
* liquid

Q4. What is the main reason for divorce?
* marriage

Q5. What is the main reason for failure?
* exams

color siri2

Q6. What can you never eat for breakfast?
* Lunch & dinner

Q7. What looks like half an apple?
* The other half

Q8. If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become?
* It will simply become wet

Q9. How can a man go eight days without sleeping ?
* No problem, he sleeps at night.

Q10. How can you lift an elephant with one hand?
* You will never find an elephant that has only one hand..


Q11. If you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in other hand, what would you have ?
* Very large hands

Q12. If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it?
* No time at all, the wall is already built.

Q13. How can u drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?
*Any way you want, concretefloors are very hard to crack.


Spread the laughter, share the cheer
Let’s be happy, while we’re here !!