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Historians who wrote Christian history say that at least 70 out of 266 Popes were murdered or died in mysterious or suspicious circumstances. Wikipedia has given a list of at least 40 such Popes.

Another interesting thing about past popes is majority of them were from Italy.

Current Pope Francis is the first person to come from the Americas. He is an Argentinian.

One more interesting thing about the Popes is the average length of their Popehood. Historians give 20 to 25 years per king. Hindu history shows that Gurus or religious teachers lead their group for more years. The average may be 30 to 50 years per Guru. But surprisingly we have 265 Popes for a period of 2000 years. That is an average of less than 8 years per Pope. This confirms the conspiracy theories, murders and violence surrounding Popes.

History of Bible is more interesting. In the beginning Popes ruled that no one should possess a Bible and they should handle it only inside the Churches. Later, Bibles were sold with Pope’s permission to selected people. Not everyone can hold it. Later, there was big opposition for PRINTING Bible when Gutenberg invented printing machine. All these began with King Constantine burning all Bibles except one version in the fourth century. The reason was various Bibles had various stories which were contradictory like Hindu Puranas. Despite this, there are contradictory versions in Dead Sea scrolls and the Greek Bible in the British Library. There is tremendous pressure from vested interests not to publish those contradictions. There are 2000 differences or mistakes in the current Bible compared to Greek Version. In the beginning Bible was in Greek and Hebrew languages only. Even the later English Bible is constantly updated or altered with new English words or sentences till this day.

Old Tamil Bible has more Sanskrit words than Tamil words, they say.

History of Christian denominations is more interesting and there are over 200 Christian sects. Some even oppose celebrating Christmas. Syrian Orthodox, Greek Russian and Protestant movements are well known. The schism started in 11th century.

One of the Popes was jailed in France for eight years. No one came for his support or help.

Inquisition killed thousands of people. Women who opposed Christianity were burnt alive as witches including the most famous Saint Joan of Arc. A lot of Gypsies of Indian origin were also killed in such bonfires. It became part of untold and unsung stories.

History shows that Spanish and Portuguese did more violence ‘in the name of Christ’ than any other Christian sect. They wiped out the ancient South and Central American civilisations. Though Europeans from other countries went to the Americas and Australia, Pacific Islands ,South Africa and India and massacred natives, aborigines and others, it was mainly for political reasons. They wanted to occupy those lands or plunder gold and diamond.

India became a world wonder in the eyes of Christians and Muslims. Wherever they went they changed the entire country or region to their side except India. It remains a predominantly Hindu land till this day.

I am attaching a paper cutting from Daily Mail dated 1-12-2001 and Wikipedia Popes list who died in violence.


List of popes who died violently           

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A collection of popes who have had violent deaths through the centuries. The circumstances have ranged from martyrdom (Pope Stephen I)[1] to war (Lucius II),[2] to a beating by a jealous husband (Pope John XII). A number of other popes have died under circumstances that some believe to be murder, but for which definitive evidence has not been found.

Martyr popes[edit]

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

In tradition, the first pope, Saint Peter, was crucified upside-down.

Murdered popes[edit]






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Hindu scriptures are not against violence; they support violence where it is necessary. When it comes to protecting countries and governments, war was part of their life. The biggest job provider in the ancient world was the war and weapon industry. It is true with the modern world as well. At any one time 50 conflicts are going on in different parts of the world. The Western Governments love wars. Their biggest income come from arms sale. They are the mainstay of all the terrorist movements. Big arms fairs are held in London and other parts of the world, where the terrorists and developing countries procure weapons in benami/proxy names. So we can laugh at them when they speak of world peace and non-violence.


Western Governments ‘invent’ human rights violations of other countries if they don’t provide them oil/petrol or don’t do business with them. They have no moral issues in wars. They want their products to be sold. Doctors flourish when there are more diseases; lawyers flourish when there are more criminal activities; Western Governments survive only through their arms sales and conflicts between nations. If there is peace, then they wont have the BIG POWER status! They will justify any violence like Iraq War, Vietnam War, nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan and killing millions of innocent Buddhists. Their propaganda machinery such as ABC, BBC, CBC etc. will help them to justify all their immoral activities. With the communist governments, they openly support violence unlike the covert activities of Western Governments.


All Hindu gods and goddesses hold weapons; they are there to punish the evil doers. They never attack anyone on their own. If there is violence from the demons and devils, they kill them. It is also symbolic in many cases; there the demons or devils symbolise evil thought in human beings.


So we have to look at any violence in this background; the violence advocated by the Tamil and Sanskrit scriptures is of different kind. They support violence only against the evil people. We can easily see the difference between the actual criminals and the ‘invented’ criminals of the Western countries.

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Ambhasi nivestavya: To be drowned in ocean

Mahabharata says,
Dvaambhasi nivestavyau gale badhwaa drutaam silaam
Dhanavantamadaataaram daridram caatapasvinam
—Udyoga parva 33.60


Drown the following two kinds of people in the ocean:

1.Adaataa Chanukah
Richman who doesn’t give
2.Atapasvi daridra
Poor man who is not devout


From Tamil Literature
Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar also says,

“The mean will not shake off what sticks to their hands to any but those who would break their jaws with their clenched fists!” (Tirukkural 1077)

That is the misers have no heart, no compassion; they will give only when their hands are twisted and jaws are broken with a good punch.

“At a mere word the good melt; but the mean, like the sugarcane, yield only under pressure” (Tirukkural 1078)

That is the misers have to be actually crushed physically to get something out of them.

In another couplet, Valluvar advocated also death penalty for the murderers. He compared the murderers as weeds in the field. Capital punishment for grievous offences is like the weeding of fields, necessary for protecting the food crops.

“The king gives capital punishment to wicked killers like removing weeds from flourishing fields” (Tirukkural 550)

Sanskrit law books such as Manu smrti and Sukra neeti also support capital punishment.