Poet Bharati’s Quotations in English (Post No.3303)

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Date: 30 October 2016


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Post No.3303


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November 2016  ‘GOOD THOUGHTS’ Calendar


Important days

November 5-Kanda Shashti, Sura Samharam; 14- Guru Nanak Jayanti, Children’s Day in India; 22-Kala Bhairava Ashtami; 23-Sathya Sai Baba’s Birth Day.


Ekadasi-11, 25;Full Moon-14;New moon-29; Auspicious days-2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 20, 27

November 1 Tuesday

May Tamil great and Tamils good flourish!

May Bharat great, a gem divine flourish;

May ills that this day torture us, perish!

May good things reach us.


November 2 Wednesday

Even when limbs grow weak, for its food

The lion accepts not the flesh

Offered by a fox


November 3 Thursday

You are knowledge; you are dharma indeed

You are our heart; you are our very soul

You are also the life in our body (B C Chaaterji’s Vandemataram)

November 4 Friday

The lives of great men all remind us

We can make our lives sublime

November 5 Saturday

King of bards of Kudanthai! The praise of Tamil brads

So long as the Potikai bred tongue lasts

Shall be yours; their hearts will always bless you;

You will surely thrive deathless for ever (about U.Ve.Sa)

November 6 Sunday

The wondrous mantra that in love

Is chanted, the mantra at which

Foes shudder, is Vade Mataram.

Even if sinners chant this mantra

They will attain to culture sublime



November 7 Monday

Its billions and billions of scholars wise

For thousands of yugas failed to know

This “I”, can I its nature realise?

Can the fish know the greatness of sea;oh!


November 8 Tuesday

This is the nation where flourished mighty kings

And saints blemishless, dharma incarnate!

This nation dubbed the ignoble woman

Who bore not heroes, as nullipara

November 9 Wednesday

Ancient is Bharat and you her children!

Forget not; Bharat is the Tilka of earth

You are her children; forsake not this thought.


November 10 Thursday

May Aryas stay here! May men remain here!

May the heroic and the lofty stay here!

May they who meanness brook, stay here!

May sons of ceaseless love for Motherland, stay here!

May they who die when glory dies, stay here.

November 11 Friday

As loving kindness marks them

Even as exemplary virtue

As they know of God’s nature

They came to be called Brahmins


November 12 Saturday

No more talk of caste and creed

No more talk of birth and breed;

Who first drew breath in this our land

Brahmin or other caste, with us he will stand


November 13 Sunday

This is our Motherland, Bharat!

Its here our parents dear loved and lived

In joyous wedlock, pure.

Our forebears too in ages past

Had lived for centuries, here they died.


November 14 Monday

Himachal is our mountain

The world hath not its fellow;

Ganga is our fountain

Pellucid, sweet and mellow


November 15 Tuesday


Our Upanishads are twelve

Unknown to any other clime

Deep into our minds they delve

And soar aloft sublime.


November 16 Wednesday

Land of the heroic free

Where sages have lived at peace,

Soothed by the poesy

Of Nard’s melodies;

Where Buddha came t birth

–The embodiment of grace–



November 17 Thursday

Will knowers of truth think on you Maya?

Can you dare harm the stout-hearted at all?

Maya! May be you are arm potent;

Still can you brave the flame of Mind’s clarity?


November 18 Friday

When will this thirst for freedom slake/

When will our love of slavery die?

When will our Mother’s fetters break?

When will our tribulations cease?

November 19 Saturday

Eighteen are the languages

That she speaks;

But animating them all

Is only one thought

November 20 Sunday

Vedas are the speech

Of this sword-wielding Lady;

Merciful to her votaries,

She extirpates evil men


November 21 Monday

A thousand castes we have, oh dear!

But outsiders have no place here.

However, they quarrel, can the sons of one mother

Cease to be brothers of one another?


November 22 Tuesday

Time was when Pandits of the world

-Authors of millions of great works –

Came thronging here in great quest

Of the unique truth ultimate



November 23 Wednesday

With tears, not water, this plant we reared;

Is it your pleasure, Lord, it should be seared?

A lustrous lamp with our life’s ghee fed;

Is it your pleasure it should be dead?

After years a thousand there came on a day

A diamond most dazzling; shall we throw it away?


November 24 Thursday

Vikrama of Seventeen Fiftysix,

Annus mirabils! …. Guru Gobind,

The elixir great of mighty victors

Furbished at Anatpur in joyance great


November 25 Friday

Goddess Parvati who wields ten weapons

Lakshmi gladly throned on Lotus, Vani

By whom is buddhi blest, are but Thee, Mother (India)!


November 26 Saturday

The Vedic hymns, in joy, She sings

With Spear of Truth, Her canter rings.

She strews sastras, the Mother kind

Within the reach of all mankind

November 27 Sunday

Rajput heroes whose fame will not fade

Till the end of entire world

Or as long as martial powers lasts

Or as long as chaste women breathe



November 28 Monday

The natives of Punjab and those of great realms

Whence heroes from Arjun onward took birth,

They of Bengal who even when they slumber

Forget not their devotion to the feet of Mother!


November 29 Tuesday

The sweated labour and the plough

Of us shall honoured be;

Vain revellers a target stand

Unto our mockery;

November 30 Wednesday

Thoughts and aims must come to pass

And the mind shall think only good

A stout and sturdy heart I seek

And a clear lucid intellect.





Rules about Dhana/ Charity in Hindu Literature (Post No.2580)

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Date: 27 February 2016


Post No. 2580


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new donation

Daanaduusana:-Five Defects in Dhana/Donation/Charity

Anaadaro vilambhasca vaimukhyam chaapriyam ca

Paschaath bhavati santaapo daanaduushana panchakam


Anaadara – giving with disrecpect

Vimabah – Delay in giving

Vaimukha – non -importance

Apriyamvacah – giving with harsh words

Pascaat santaapa – distress after giving



Daanabhuusanam:- Charateristics of Charity


Aanadasruuni romaani  bahumaanam priyamvacah

Kinchaanumodanam daanamdaanabhuusana panchakam


Aanadaasruuni – tears of joy

Romaani- horripulation

Bahumaanam – respect

Priymavacah – pleasing words

Anumodanam – acceptance





Ten Tamil Sayings (from Tirukkural)

1.Giving to the poor is real charity. All other gifts are investments for return

2.Receiving gifts is undesirable. Giving is desirable even if heavenly bliss may thereby denied.


3.Only the truly noble will give till it hurts,

Without pleading straitened circumstances

4.It may be unpleasant to be egged of , but that is only till

The distress-relieved face of the receiver lights up in radiance

5.Great are they who hunger’s pangs sustain

But greater those who relieve hunger’s pain

6.By relieving people of their devastating hunger

One lays by valuable possessions as investment

7.The man who is in the habit of sharing his food with others will never be afflicted with the disease called hunger

  1. Delight of charity they do not know

Who hoard their wealth and lose it so

9.Enjoying alone the hoarded wealth, without giving others is worse than begging

10.Death is painful; but even that will be pleasant to one

Who finds himself unable to relieve the distress of others.


Giving Food is the Greatest Charity

Following quotations are already posted in my August 2015 calendar (post no 2027)


1.The charity of food is great, that of knowledge is greater – SUBHASITA RATNA BHANDAKARA.21

Annadaanam param daanam, vidyaa daanam atahparam

2.Gifts are not to be given with disrespect or ridicule

Avanjayaa na daatavyam kasyacilliilayaapi vaa

3.Does not the season of spring deserve at least a gift of flowers? PADMAPRAABHRTAKA

4.What is not given away is as good as lost! – AJITA TIRTHANKARA PURANA

Tannashtam yanna diiyate

5.Generosity is the ultimate virtue –SUBHASITARATNAKHANDAMANJUSA

Sakalagunasiimaa vitaranam



6.What has been given should never be taken back –Brhat Katha Manjari

Dattam naiva punar graahyam

7.The merit of what is gifted accrues to the donor –Brhat Katha Manjari

Dattam yattatphalam samupesyati

8.Give and expect not, utter truth and not falsehood – Valmiki Ramayana 5-33-25

Dadyaanna pratigrhniiyaat satyam bruuyaanna caantram

9.Generosity begets everything; what is gained by hoarding? RAMAYANA MANJARI 42-1074

Dattamaasaadyate sarvamadatte labhyate kutah

10.Sing ditties of the donor –KAHAVATRATNAKAR

Daaturgeyam yaso nityam



11.Everything is accomplished by the interactions of givers and takers – Valmiki Ramayana 1-73-12

Daatrpratigrahiitrbhyaam sarvaarthaah sambhavanyi hi

  1. Giving instantly is a great blessing — KAHAVATRATNAKAR

Siighra daanam mahaapunyam

13.Charity is the coomonest form of winning over people –DHURTANARTAKA

Daanam naama sarvasaamaanyam vasiikaranam

14.Authority over an object rests with the owner before donating –KAHAVATRATNAKA

Daanaatpuurvam daaturevaadhikaarah

15.Though difficult to part with, give away when begged for –SATOPADESAPRABHANDA


Dustyajamapyarthine deyam

16.Life is more precious than benevolence


17.A gift is not enjoined in favour of those richly endowed with wealth – Valmiki Ramayana 5-341-3

Na daanamarthopacitesu yujyate

18.That which is not given away will never remain yours — CANAKYANITI 2-49

Na dattamupatishthate

  1. A gift to the wealthy is futile –CANAKYA NITI 11-12

Vrthaa daanam dhanaadhyesu



20.The generous become blessed only by giving to the deserved — VISWAGUNAADARASACHAMPU 46.s544

Paatre dattairbhavati hi dhanairdhanyataa bhuuridatuh


21.What is greater sacrifice than offering one’s own life? –KATHASARITSAGAR

Praana daanaadhi dharmah kobhyadhiko Bhavet

22.By giving a little, you save a lot  – SATOPADESAPRABHANDA

Bahu raksedalpadaanena

23.Give only that which is sought; giving the unsought pleases not –JATAKAMAALAA

Yadeva yaacyeta tadeva dhadyannaanipsitampriinayatiiha dattam

24.Saves a little, gives a lot — KAHAVATRATNAKAR

Raksatyalpam yacchati bahulam

25.People talk sweetly as long as the giver gives freely —-SUBASITARATNABHANDAKARA 3-792

Vitarati yaavaddaataa taavatsakalopi bhavati kalabhaasii



When angry, count a hundred! (Post No 2565)


Compiled  by London swaminathan


Date: 22 February 2016


Post No. 2565


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This is the first part on Anger; in the second part,  I will give Tamil and Sanskrit quotations on ANGER.


1.He that is angry is seldom at ease.

2.An angry man never wants woe

3.Anger makes a rich man hated, and poor man scorned

4.Anger and haste hinder good counsel

5.Anger punishes itself


(My comments: Many angry people refuse to take food; refuse to attend important family or social events. This is how anger punishes one)


6.Wrath killeth the foolish man (Job 5:2)

7.Wrath often consumes that goodness husbands (Icelandic proverb)

8.Anger ends in cruelty.


(My comments: If you divide all the Crime stories in the newspapers about husband killing wife or wife poisoning husband or killing children, you will know what havoc anger can do. Lt of ignorant farmers kill others just for water or animals grazing in their fields. In Western countries, people divert their anger on pet cats and dogs)


9.Take heed of the wrath of a mighty man, and the tumult of the people.

10.From a choleric man withdraw a little; from him that says nothing for ever.

angry babay

11.Anger has no eyes (Hindi Proverb)

(My comments: Another saying about anger is “When a man is angry he opens his mouth and closes his eyes)


12.When a man grows angry, his reason rides out.

13.When wrath speaks , wisdom veils her face

14.Anger begins with folly, and ends with repentance

15.When a man is angry, he cannot be in the right (Chinese Proverb)


16.As fire is kindled by bellows, so is anger by words

(Fire- Anger simile is very popular in Tamil and Sanskrit literature; we will see it in the second part)

17.A hungry man is an angry man

(Great revolutions such as the French revolution happened because people became hungry and there was no food. French queen Marie Antoinette said this when people complained that they had no bread to eat; she was killed by the guillotine)


18.Patience provoked turns to fury

19.Short folk are soon angry

20.Anger dies quickly with a good man

(This is said by Hindu poets which will see in the second part)




21.Anger is a short madness

22.The anger is not warrantable that has seen two suns

23.He who slowly gets angry keeps his anger longer.

24.When angry, count a hundred

(This is a good exercise. The next proverb also says that delay is the best solution. Never ever send an e mail or a letter in haste. Write it and keep it abeyance for a day or two. When you read it again after 48 hours, you will soften your stand/language or completely tear the letter to pieces and throw it into the dust bin)

25.Delay is the antidote of anger

26.If you be angry, you may turn the buckle of your belt behind you (to provide a harmless outlet for one’s anger)

27.When meat is in, anger is out

28.A soft answer turneth away wrath (Proverbs 15:1)

29.Anger restrained is wisdom gained

30.When you enter into a house, leave the anger ever at the door.



31.He has wisdom at will, that with an angry heart can hold him still

32.Let not the sun go down upon your wrath (Ephesians 4:26)


33.Two things a man should never be angry at; what he can help, and what he cannot help.

34.He that is angry without a cause, shall be pleased wthout amends.




September 2015 Calendar


Compiled by London swaminathan

Date : 31 August 2015

Post No. 2112

Time uploaded in London: 14-00 pm



Important Days:-

Ekadasi:– 8/9, 24;  Auspicious days:– 9, 16, 17

Full moon:–27/28 (Pournami);  New moon:– 12 (Amavasai)

Important days:- September 5 Janmashtami (Krishna’s Birthday & Teachers Day; 11- Tamil Poet Bharati’s death anniversary; 17- Ganesh Chaturthy; 24 -Bakrid



IMG_4597 (2)

Quotations from Swami Tejomayananda,

Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide

September 1 Tuesday

Love and forgiveness go together. If we can’t forgive, it means we can’t love sufficiently.

September 2 Wednesday

Be tender towards the fault of others; be strict towards your own.

September 3 Thursday

Some are influenced by the bad around them. Some are untouched by the good around them.

September 4 Friday

Some people have love-less lives, and some people have life-less love.

September 5 Saturday

Important things are NOT things.

IMG_4592 (2)

September 6 Sunday

Children need your presence, not your presents.

September 7 Monday

Values are more valuable than valuables.

September 8 Tuesday

A person may have everything – knowledge, wealth and virtues, but if he is not humble, all is vain.

September 9 Wednesday

Have faith in the inherent goodness of others.

September 10 Thursday

Change your outlook, then look out.

IMG_4593 (2)

September 11 Friday

Don’t tell God how big your troubles are.

September 12 Saturday

An altar in our life will alter our life

September 13 Sunday

Those in drama and dance know they have makeup on. So they want to remove it as soon as possible. We do not know we have it on, so we don’t know we have to remove it.

September 14 Monday

To see truth… We need a pure mind and a subtle intellect.

September 15 Tuesday

Self-knowledge is the direct means to liberation.

IMG_4594 (2)

September 16 Wednesday

The solution to all worldly problems should be from a spiritual viewpoint.

September 17 Thursday

Our goals should be so inspiring that the challenges become fun in the journey of reaching our destination.

September 18 Friday

The softest pillow is a clean conscience.

September 19 Saturday

You are a product of your past, but NOT a victim.

September 20 Sunday

Take care of the state of your mind. More than the planets.

IMG_4595 (2)

September 21 Monday

Adopt the ways of nature. Her secret is patience.

September 22 Tuesday

Never believe in anything unless it happens.

September 23 Wednesday

Between the urgent and the routine, one must not forget the important.

September 24 Thursday

If we want to realise our dreams, we have to stay awake.

September 25 Friday

Everyone is born to succeed. Do not underestimate yourself or another.

IMG_4596 (2)

September 26 Saturday

No-one can give you rest. You will have to learn to take it.

September 27 Sunday

The sky is truly the limit for what we can do with what we have. We only have to realise this.

September 28 Monday

Dependence brings sorrow. Independence brings happiness.

September 29 Tuesday

Acquisition of things is great; renunciation of things is greater.

September 30 Wednesday

Love of wealth takes away the wealth of love from our heart.

A vision of one-ness, develops love, readiness to serve all, and creates an attitude of forgiveness.


Greek Philosopher Diogenes lived like a Hindu Yogi!


Research Article No.1996

Written  by London swaminathan

Date 15th July 2015

Time uploaded in London: 20-33

Diogenes (410- 320 BC) was a Greek philosopher. He belonged to Sinope in modern Turkey, an ancient Greek colony. He came to Athens (now capital of Greece) and founded the Cynic sect with his Guru Antisthenes. The English word Cynic (doggish) came from this sect. People who belonged to this sect lived like Hindu ascetics sacrificing all comforts. Greeks thought it is a dog’s life.

Diogenes life was like a Hindu ascetic. He was like Seshadri Swamikal, a sage who lived in Tiruvannamalai during Ramana Maharishi’s time. Many of his acts were categorised as a mad man’s activities. But he was a great saint and senior to Ramana Maharishi. Diogens was also like him.


I wrote a post in 2013 with the title “Philosopher who carried Lantern in day Time!” posted here on June 17, 2013 .


Diogenes was said to have lived in a big broken jar. When Alexander the Great came to him and asked what he could do for him, Diogenes asked him to move away so that his shadow would not block the sunlight!

He wandered through Athens with a lamp in day time! When people laughed at him, he told that he was looking for an honest man!


Here are more anecdotes about the great philosopher:

Diogenes was a prominent citizen of Sinope. He was exiled about the middle of the fourth century BCE, allegedly for defacing the currency. He lived in Athens and Corinth, becoming the prototype of cynicism.

Plato said about Diogenes, “He is a Socrates gone mad”

Diogenes embraced bronze statues in winter to train the body in hardship and eradicate physical desire. He would court insult to test the subjugation of emotion in his mind.

Diogenes’ own life as a stateless beggar sleeping where he could in Athens was a practical demonstration of endurance of hardship. His nickname was Dog, from which the word Cynicism.


The politic philosopher Aristippus, by paying court (praise) to the tyrant Denys, had acquired a comfortable living and looked down upon his less prosperous fellow sages with no small degree of contempt. Seeing Diogenes washing some vegetables, he said to him disdainfully, “If you would only learn to flatter King Denys you would not have to be washing lentils”.

“And you,” retorted Diogenes in the same tone, “if you had only learned to live on lentils, would not have to flatter King Denys.”


Diogenes visited Plato one day and perceiving that the floors were beautifully covered with carpets of the richest wool and finest dye, stamped his foot in scorn exclaiming:

“Thus do I tread on the pride of Plato!”

“With greater pride”, mildly added Plato.


Alexander meeting Diogenes


An Athenian (as was customary with that people) had caused the following inscription to be placed over the door of his house:

“Let nothing enter here but what is good”

Diogenes asked, “Then where will the master of the house go in?”


“Bury me on my face”, said Diogenes, and when he was asked why, he replied, “ Because in a little while everything will be turned upside down.”

When the mighty Alexander the Great asked the ragged philosopher Diogenes what favour he could grant him, the cynic who was reclining on the ground, remarked quietly:

“Now please little out of my sun.”



A lawyer and a doctor having a dispute about precedence, referred it to Diogenes, who gave it in favour of the lawyer in these terms:

“Let the thief go before and the executioner follow.”




July 2015 Good Thoughts Calendar


Compiled by London swaminathan

Post  No.1960

Date: 28 June 2015;

London Time 15-11


July -18- Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra and Ramzan; 31- Vyasa (Guru) Purnima

Auspicious days – July 6 and 8; July 1 and 31 -Pournami /Full moon day; July 12 and 27 – Ekadasi; July 15 – Amavasya/ New moon day

July 1 Wednesday

Any attempt of mind to rise from the low values of its present existence to a healthier and diviner scheme of living is Yoga.

July 2 Thursday

Nothing can remain the same even for a short period in the world of objects. Continuous change alone is the changeless law.

July 3 Friday

You can stop worrying by refusing to worry. Surrender all your worries at his feet.

July 4 Saturday

Never complain, about the number of hours you have put in, to do a job. Your nobility must estimate how much of you was put into each of your daily work.

July 5 Sunday

Till final illumination in pure wisdom is achieved, a strict policing of the mind is necessary, lest we slip back into our false identifications with the body, mind and intellect.


July 6 Monday

For the man who relies on wealth, of what avail is God’s aid? For the devotee of God, of what use is the worldly wealth.

July 7 Tuesday

Today belongs to us. Yesterday was. Tomorrow will be. Every day was bursting out with opportunities for us to do and to serve, to act and to express, to love and to live.

July 8 Wednesday

Every good thought sent out rebounds with a hundred times its force on the sender himself; so too bad thoughts. Let us, therefore, avoid sending out even a single bad thought.

July 9 Thursday

All ancient Hindu Vedic gods are but functional names of the One Supreme Power, manifesting in myriad forms.

July 10 Friday

To weep is folly and to smile is wisdom – KEEP SMILING. Do the Best and leave the Rest.



July 11 Saturday

Man is never punished FOR his sins but BY his sins. To dissipate our energies through the sense organs is the vulgar hobby of the thoughtless mortal.

July 12 Sunday

Revolution comes from the bottom to the top; evolution proceeds from the top and seeps down to the lowest level.

July 13 Monday

When I slip outside, I fall. When I slip inside I rise.

July 14 Tuesday

A quiet mind produces a more brilliant intellect. The quitter the mind is sharper the intellect.

July 15 Wednesday

Mind can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell.


July 16 Thursday

The suffering of each depends, not upon the factual happenings, but upon the texture of each one’s mind. A strong man is one who faces facts. He is weak who wants to escape from them.

July 17 Friday

Love is the heart of religions, the theme of all classical works of art and literature, the song of all devotees. Scientists know only what love does not what love is.

July 18 Saturday

Never brood over things which have happened or worry over things yet to happen. Live in the present.

July 19 Sunday

Elimination of the wicked and the protection of the Good is the very creed of every true Hindu. Whether it be the priest of God or Government.

July 20 Monday

Happiness depends on what you can give, Not on what you can get.


July 21 Tuesday

If money does not give happiness, Give it back.

July 22 Wednesday

Learn to be happy alone. If we do not enjoy our own company, why inflict it on others.

July 23 Thursday

One may change one’s dress easily, but who can change his heart with the same ease.

July 24 Friday

You can cheat others, but never your conscience, your God.

July 25 Saturday

Love for one’s equal is called friendship.


July 26 Sunday

The future is carved out of the present moment. Tomorrow’s harvest depends upon today’s ploughing and sowing.

July 27 Monday

Whatever leads man to God is acceptable; whatever stands in the way of realising God, should be rejected totally and unceremoniously.

July 28 Tuesday

Great achievements are earned not through proficiency alone, but achievements are rewards of efficiency.

July 29 Wednesday

Learn to speak softly, always words of love and affection, then friends multiply. Be like a flower— Give happiness and fragrance to all.

July 30 Thursday

Sandalwood perfumes even the axe that hews it down! The more we rub sandalwood against a stone, the more its fragrance spreads. Burn it, and it wafts it glory in the entire neighbourhood. Such is the enchanting beauty of forgiveness in life.



July 31 Friday

Forgiveness is the fragrance, which crushed Tulsi leaves on the fingers that crushed them, in a thoughtless act!!

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